Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode

Raja holds Laila’s hand from slapping Naina. Laila says till now she most effective suspected Naina however lately she is certain. Laila accuses Naina for betraying her. Raja shuts Laila up, Laila deters that is her space and nobody can shout at her particularly on the day of her wedding ceremony. She takes Raja’s hand to pull him to level however Raja withdraws his. Laila says she has now understood, it’s all as a result of Naina. Nani accuses Mummy that her daughter snatched Laila’s happiness from him. Raja clarifies this wedding ceremony gained’t happen anymore. Naina says Raja gained’t do that with Laila. Raja tells her to not interrupt. Nani tells Raja this hearth can’t be eliminate till the marriage is whole. Raja is going to throw water into the hearth pot and depart the corridor. Laila tells Naina this hearth has been put

off, now Laila would gentle a hearth in Naina’s lifestyles than would by no means get off. Nani says it’s their mistake to offer them safe haven of their space, she gained’t forgive them for spoiling Laila’s happiness. Laila drags Vikrant in conjunction with him, and says she will’t throw them out of this space as a result of Raja however they will have to by no means attempt to talk to her once more.
Naina comes to query Raja why he stopped this wedding ceremony. Raja says she has no proper to query him. Naina says she has a proper, she presentations him Rani’s photograph pronouncing this gave her the appropriate. Her presence makes a distinction for him, else he do not have stopped this wedding ceremony. Everyone thinks he broke his wedding ceremony as a result of her, and that’s true. She got here into the home after his spouse had already died, he started to like him; such tales best exist in movies. Laila claps out of doors the door, and involves blame Naina. Naina clarifies she by no means sought after to like Raja. Laila says Naina may just do anything else for cash, then Raja for taking her cash and industry and having a laugh with others. Raja shuts them each calling them idiots, and says he doesn’t love any of them. He can by no means love any woman, and brings out Rani’s photograph. He says that is the tale of hatred, he hates Rani such a lot that he by no means married Laila. Raja had a unmarried Rani who betrayed in go back of affection, he can by no means agree with any woman once more. People by no means fail to remember love, he’s not able to disregard hatred. He paints this face each and every night time, then throws the artwork off his cabinet. The lighting fixtures start to blink, Naina and Laila fearful. Raja shouts he already informed Naina to avoid him and pass away. Laila considers this a tale to hide his and Naina’s illegitimate relation, they have got performed towards her and she is going to by no means forgive them each for this. Naina says she knew his spouse betrayed him, however she didn’t know he hates her such a lot. She now understands why he hates her face such a lot. Raja clarifies he most effective undergo her, now not love her. Her face would all the time be a wall between them.
While strolling around the corridors, the lighting fixtures of palace blink once more. Naina used to be worried as she hears Rani’s name to not depart. Naina asks who the lighting fixtures get solid is there, without delay. At night time, Naina wakes up as any person calls her. She sits into her mattress to peer Rani input the room. Naina tries to the touch her however Rani vanishes. Naina used to be tensed for being haunted. Mummy and Rekha get up, Naina hears Rani’s name once more and takes Mummy and Rekha’s consideration. Mummy denies about any voice. Naina says somebody has been calling her identify for a very long time, Mummy and Rekha says the previous occasions had a nasty impact over her.
The subsequent morning, Laila comes into Naina’s room with the goons to throw them out of the home. Naina were packing luggage and say she is leaving already. Laila used to be enraged and clutches Naina with the again of her hair. The lighting fixtures within the hall blink, tables falling off in center of the best way. Rani used to be gazing this from the nook as Laila slaps Naina. Suddenly, a vase hits Laila’s head.

PRECAP: Naina watches Rani stroll to her. Rani says its her exhausting good fortune that Naina can’t depart this position.


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