Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Nani asks Raja if he has taken the gun again from his males. Raja says he did this as a result of that youngster boy took lifetime of an on-responsibility police officer, Naina has not anything to do together with his lifestyles. Nani leaves, whilst Raja’s head bang with ideas of Laila. Naina calls from at the back of that Raja misplaced, she got here into his talks. Raja doesn’t perceive, Naina asks if he lied to her however she got here to understand already he made her dream of heroine come true. He all the time say he doesn’t care, however she is mindful he cares; else he would by no means have completed this all. She joins her arms to him, and thank you him as she may just by no means make her goals come true regardless of a lot battle. Raja leaves the room.
Laila used to be surroundings playing cards in her room when Raja enters, he says regardless of how a lot time he is taking he would by no means love

her. He doesn’t need to love, he’s on a peak and doesn’t need to fall, now not even in love. Is she in a position to marry a person who isn’t in a position to like her in any respect? Laila used to be elated and hugs Raja, pronouncing a sure swiftly. Raja tells her to get in a position then.
In the corridor, everybody wonders why Raja has referred to as all of them. Raja and Laila come downstairs hand in hand, Laila virtually leaping out of happiness. She pronounces about her and Raja’s engagement. Naina used to be stunned and stares against Raja most effective. Laila involves hug Naina thanking her to make it imaginable, Naina modified Raja’s center in a couple of days. Tears fill Naina’s eyes. Raja places a hoop into Laila’s hand, she boasts about it appearing it to Naina. Naina claps for them at the side of everybody. Rekha silently asks why Naina used to be disappointed, Naina lies that she best sought after this.
Raja declares about his choice to marry Laila the next day to come. Naina wonders why she feels dangerous about their marriage. Laila wonders how this wedding ceremony can happen the next day, Naina has the same opinion Laila goes to get her goals come true. Marriage is a dream of each and every woman, in conjunction with all of the rituals, her family members and her dream guy. Raja says family members are true, goals by no means come true. He lets in Laila to do no matter she needs to, however the wedding ceremony will have to happen the next day to come. Laila involves Naina who comes out of a trance, Laila inquire why is Raja dissatisfied with Naina. Is there one thing Laila will have to know? Mummy asks what may just imaginable happen between them, Laila is aware of Raja higher, he can also be indignant at somebody anytime. Nani involves calm Laila down. Vikrant and Rekha depart for wedding ceremony arrangements and take Naina alongside.
Vikrant and Rekha announce a recreation through which two other folks had to pick out chits and play in combination. Raja denies to play, as nobody can run through their hand and ft tied. Vikrant and Rekha insists on him to play, Raja in spite of everything concurs. Vikrant distributes the chits, Mummy and Nani have been companions, Rekha and Laila have been companions too, and ultimate pairing used to be Raja and Rani. Nani and Laila suggests about converting the pairs however Vikrant wasn’t in a position. During the sport, Vikrant makes Raja and Naina hang palms with each and every different to get tied. Naina used to be disappointed gazing this. The whistle blows, everybody start to run excluding Raja and Naina. Nani slips in the course of the sport, Laila’s consideration used to be everywhere Naina and Raja who have been sluggish and walked in combination. Rani slips within the midst, Raja fells over her. Nani shouts at them to prevent this recreation, Vikrant says the sport has already stopped and Laila has gained. Laila thinks why she feels she has misplaced one thing.
During the marriage serve as, Rekha and Vikrant dance. Nani comes to invite about Laila. In the room, Naina used to be serving to Laila get in a position. Laila used to be excited in disbelief. A pin pricks Naina, Laila used to be involved however she says her pains are so massive she didn’t really feel about it. Nani takes Laila downstairs, Naina thinks about herself and Raja. There, Raja used to be consuming, fascinated with Naina.

PRECAP: During the marriage, Laila asks Naina what’s she taking a look at, and asks her to write down a reputation. Naina writes somebody else’s identify, Laila scolds her.

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