Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 6th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Nikita packs her luggage to head on a holiday with Aryan. Servant provides her tea. Neelima peeps into her room and thinks she is going to simply get a abdomen pain and what she did with Aryan and Saachi, it’s not anything. Down in front room, Diwakar asks Aryan to care for Nikita right through holiday, she wishes psychological balance. Aryan says the place is Nikita, it’s getting past due. Sarita says she is going to move and test and knocks door. Nikita does now not open door. Aryan and Diwakar ask what came about. Sarita says Nikita isn’t opening door. Nikita comes out distressed. Sarita asks what came about to her. Nikita says she is having serious abdomen pain. Diwakar asks to name document. Doc comes and tells Nikita is having meals poisoning and drugs don’t seem to be running on her, so she will have to relaxation for 2-Three days. Nikita says

she is ok and asks Aryan to take her on holiday. Diwakar says she is going to relaxation and asks Aryan to deal with her.

Aryan and Neelima meet Malvika/Saachi in marketplace. Saachi asks how did Aryan pop out, babasa had requested him to be with Nikita. Neelima says they advised they will temple and asks what’s their subsequent transfer. Aryan says he has a plan, however it is going to hurt their space a bit of. Neelima says already Nikita has harmed such a lot, not anything can hurt greater than her. Aryan tells his plan.

Aryan returns house and feeds soup to Nikita and says if she does now not drink it, she won’t get kheer. He then is going out, silently spreads smoke in street and opens home windows. He then is going down and gathers circle of relatives and switches on TV pronouncing Kapil Sharma’s comedy display is coming. Neelima asks to extend quantity. Saachi comes as ghost preserving torch and frightens that she burnt her and now she is going to really feel how it’s going to be to burn each and every second. She continues scary Nikita. Nikita shouts. Aryan will increase quantity. Diwakar asks to decrease quantity and hears Nikita’s shout. They all run against her room. Saaachi senses them coming and escapes. They all input room and notice Nikita panicking that Saachi will kill her. Doc comes and tests Nikita and says she is in serious psychological misery, if she behaved like this ahead of. Aryan says 2-Three times. He says it’s higher t shift her to a psychiatric clinic underneath psychiatrist’s supervision. Aryan says they can not do this. Doc leaves. Diwakar says Nikita’s situation is worsening.

Precap: Malvika returns house at 1 a.m. appearing as closely under the influence of alcohol. Sarita yells at her. Malvika says her buhus paintings onerous servicing her entire day and her sons are busy in extramarital affairs.

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