Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Nikita tells Aryan that the entirety is looked after out now and Malvika has referred to as her for a industry assembly. Aryan says he can not do industry with a lady who seems like Saachi. Nikita says she is going to maintain Malvika if he lets in.

Nikita meets Malvika. Malvika says she referred to as to tell her that she can not call to mind doing industry in the end the incident. Malvika’s assistant tells her that funding quantity 100 crores has been transferred from her US to Indian account. Nikita eyes widen in greed listening to. Malvika says she will move now.

Diwakar tells Sarita that Malvika is reproduction of Saachi and it used to be like speaking to her. Sarita together with her same old frowning face says Saachi is long past and there is not any use of speaking about her. Diwakar hopes Malvika sis Saachi. Neelima hears him and

says even she hopes Malvika is Saachi. Sarita’s face swells extra like soccer in anger.

Malvika scolds her assistant that she wishes house keep and now not a lodge, she needs to be informed Indian tradition. Nikita hears her dialog and her drawback is solved, she will keep at her space. Nikita says she needs to be informed Indian tradition and does now not need to keep in her house, particularly in the end the and her insane husband. Nikita says Aryan has learned that she isn’t Swati and won’t disturb her. She boasts about Sethia circle of relatives’s sanskars and convinces Malvika to stick with them.

Nikita informs Aryan who says she takes selections with out even consenting him and takes her personal selections. She says Malvika needs to speculate 100 crores in India and she is going to get that order from Malvika, he simply does now not have to return in entrance of Malvika.

Sarita will get apprehensive when Nikita does now not go back house at her same old time. Nikita enters and says she has introduced even a visitor. Malvika enters. Everyone are surprised to peer her. Nikita says Malvika needs to be informed Indian tradition, so she idea their home is very best to be informed Indian Marwari tradition. She asks Diwakar if she did proper. Diwakar says everyone seems to be taking determination with out consenting each and every different, if so, she will have to have completed proper. He asks to open visitor space for Malvika.

Priyanka confronts Nikita and asks how can she convey Malvika house when she is aware of she is Saachi’s reproduction and Aryan won’t disregard Saachi. If Aryan begins looking out Saachi in Malvika, Nikita will lose Aryan eternally. Nikita says not anything of that kind will occur, Aryan isn’t curious about Saachi in any respect. Sarita says she is aware of she is doing this for industry, however can get paintings from in different places, she is going to hurt her long run as an alternative through getting again similar face in her lifestyles. Nikita thank you them for his or her fear and says she is aware of what she is doing.

Aryan and Malvika stroll busy on their mobiles and conflict. They each stand taking a look each and every different’s face. They each then hug emotionally and shed tears.

Precap: Saachi tells Aryan that it isn’t time to leave out each and every different, they are going to get in combination. From lately onwards, Nikita’s opposite counting will get started. Nikita comes and appears surprised seeing them in combination.


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