Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Eokay Rishta Sajhedari Ka 15th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Saachi reaches police station and apologizes Sarita that as a result of her, they’re all in prison. Neelima tells she is Saachi and describes all of the incidents came about. Sarita says she will have to apologies her as an alternative and cries. Saachi then meets Diwakar who will get satisfied listening to she is Saachi. Saachi guarantees him that she is going to get all of them loose quickly at any value and leaves police station.

Viren reaches house and tells Saachi is alive. Neelima and Chandra get more than happy. Saachi enters. Kusum runs and hugs her emotionally adopted by way of Chandra and others. Viren says there is not any time for rationalization now. Saahci tells that Nikita were given entire Sethia circle of relatives arrested in home violence case.

Viren calls Nikita and tells he’s taking Saachi to Australia and Sethia circle of relatives goes to their village, so she will have to withdraw her case and is loose to head with Aryan to US. She says what’s he backs off after she withdraws case and walks out. Saachi tells Viren that document can lend a hand them, however he denied to lend a hand. Viren says he’s going to plead document and leaves for Delhi.

Saachi is going to Aryan and informs that Nikita subsidized off and tricked once more. Viren reaches Delhi and requests document to inform about Nikita. Doc say he can not lend a hand and already knowledgeable his daughter and SIL Viren says they may be able to do anything else for childrne’s happiness and do can realize it. Doc has the same opinion to lend a hand and says Nikita is mentally volatile and will have murdered her husband.

Nikita is going to police station and shouts at inspector if she filed case towards Sethias or vice versa. Saachi comes and confronts that she will have to have murdered her first husband in identical frustration. Viren brings document who says Nikita involves him even now because of psychological tension. Viren says he advised Nikita is mentally volatile and will have to have murdered her husband. Doc says when did he say that and lies.

Precap: Aryan asks Nikita what did she do this Nikita withdrew case. Nikita says Saachi promised she is going to pass to Australia and they may be able to move to US and settle there, so they will US.

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