Dil Se Dil Tak 9th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 9th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Scene 1
Shorvori and Teni are in rickshaw, Shorvori asks motive force to transport rapid, Teni thinks that she is in hurry, there will have to be sale at some retailer. Shorvori stops rickshaw and provides 500rupees to motive force, she leaves. Teni takes 500rupees from motive force and says i will be able to come up with cash as consistent with fare best. She sees Shorvori has forgotten her telephone in rickshaw best, motive force says she would possibly catch you, Teni says i’m going to go back it to her.
In space, Parth calls physician and asks if there’s any remedy that may lend a hand her conceive? physician says i’m sorry however no, Parth says i talked to all overseas docs however there is not any hope. He sees Shorvori’s dupatta and unearths knot in it, he open knot and unearths some dust and beads inside of, he thinks that Shorvori is trapped in some magician stuff, he recollects

Shorvori’s bizarre behaviour and is going to look her.
Shorvori is in some remoted godown, magician is chanting mantras and says to Shorvori that its time so that you can move your check. Shorvori will get up with knife in her hand. Teni enters godown. Ambika calls Shorvori however telephone is with Teni, Teni takes name and asks who? Ambika says its now not Shorvori on name, she says to Teni that you simply may well be Nisha, who’s Shorvori’s good friend, ask Shorvori to consume on time, she is pregnant, Teni ends name and says other folks come at bizarre puts to satisfy pals. Magician says to Shorvori that should you minimize this object in part in a single move then you’ll turn into pregnant. Teni listen it and says caller stated she is pregnant then why magician is pronouncing that she is going to develop into pregnant that means she isn’t pregnant now, what bizarre stuff is that this woman doing? how to go back her telephone? She sees Shorvori’s bag mendacity on floor, she runs against it, places telephone in bag and is going clear of there ahead of someone may just see her. Shorvori is set to chop the item however magician stops her and says you wont be capable of reduce it in a single pass with this magic, take noticed and minimize it. Shorvori is surprised and imagines Parth’s circle of relatives blaming for dropping kid, dada accusing her that she is needless, Indu not easy her for grandchild, she will get nervous listening to all that. She takes noticed. Parth comes out godown, he sees magician’s signal board there and is going inside of. Inside godown, Shorvori holds noticed and her arms are bleeding preserving it, Shorvori is set to chop object, however Parth comes there and drags her clear of there. Shorvori says let me end pooja. Parth says close up, he places tissue on her hand and says why you lied to me? Shorvori says you wouldnt have allowed me to try this pooja, Parth says i might by no means be with you on this insanity, Shorvori says this isn’t about us however circle of relatives, they would like child from us, Parth says this isn’t the correct trail for it, this may simply come up with pretend hopes, even though i used to be requested via God to make a choice you or child then i might select you as a result of i really like you, should you get this selection, when you have to make a choice from me or child then who will you select? shorvori simply stares at him.
Teni meets her good friend Parul and says wealthy other folks idiot so much, i noticed my visa’s spouse, i known her as i noticed her photograph in newspaper, she is fooling her circle of relatives that she is pregnant however there’s not anything in her abdomen rather than fuel, Parul says you will have to be flawed, Teni says i noticed her with magician, making an attempt to a few object to get child, shall we depart it, Parul says we will be able to use this, you realize Bhanushali’s spouse’s secret, you’ll be able to get cash out of it, Teni says why would he give me cash for such small factor? if i used to be in her position then i might inform my circle of relatives that it’s not that i am pregnant however i wont give cash to somebody, Parul says you might care about cash however wealthy folks care about display-off recognize, Teni says you’re proper thats why she is mendacity to her circle of relatives.

Scene 2
Parth is snoozing in room. Shorvori packs her bag and appears at napping Parth, she thinks i

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