Dil Se Dil Tak 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Dil Se Dil Tak 13th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Scene 1
Teni involves Parth’s space and says how did you each assume that you’ll be able to pass to America with out me and i will be able to let it occur? you each cant move any place with out me, all members of the family are at a loss for words. Teni brings her baggage in space and appears at circle of relatives. Teni greets them and asks if they’re playing lifestyles? Suyog says i’ve noticed her someplace. Baa asks who is that this woman? Indu says i’ve noticed her someplace too. Dada says who’re you that Shorvori and Parth cant depart with out you? Guard comes there and says this woman makes sense, she distracted us with firecrackers and entered space discreetly, Teni says they wouldnt let me in space. Guard begins dragging however Dada asks who’re you? and with that are you preventing them? Teni says it might be higher if Parth and Shorvori inform who i’m and

why i’m preventing them. Parth says dada.. she.. is Teni.. Baa says oh she is nanny. Teni says you’re name me naani(grandmother)? you assume i’m previous? Mohini says nanny way Shorvori’s caretakeer and servant, Teni cries and says what is going on with me? they made me servant? God will have to deliver me to him. Baa says dont cry, Jalpa informed me that she is sending you with Shorvori to America to deal with her however i stated nobody can deal with her as i will be able to so i cancelled your price ticket and organized my price ticket, i sought after to wonder them. Teni says you cancelled my America’s price ticket? are you mendacity? Baa says i dont lie, she jerks Teni away. Teni murmurs that i’ve created drawback.Ramnik says who’re you? Teni thinks i’ve to respond to now, Teni says let me inform you. She says you realize Shorvori, she is my sister, i’m her more youthful sister, all say what? Ramnik says Shorvori didnt inform about her, Shorvori says i..i.. Teni sys i’m her some distance fetched sister, like her uncle’s uncle’s uncle’s daughter, do you know? Mohini says Shorvori is bengali however you appear to be Gujrati then how are you family members? this woman is mendacity, she is making an attempt to idiot us, Teni cries and says you assume other folks cheat as a result of you wish to have to peer it like that, i’m Gujrati as a result of my mother is Gujrati so my mom tongue is Gujrati and my father is bengali, see i’ve giant eyes like bengalis. Indu says i met her at clinic, Suyog says she used to be waitress however the place? Mohini says i used to be positive that she is fooling us, Teni thinks that i’ve to inform some tale to calm this fox. Teni cries and says dont put filthy blames on me, she says to dada that i’ve unhappy tale, do you wanna listen? i had deficient mother and my father used to be handicapped, we had no cash for drugs and wine, we’re so deficient, in the future my deficient previous mother used to be taking my father to health facility in teach, my father slipped with my mom they usually each died then me on my own woman, remembered my Shorvori didi so i assumed to return and meet her and keep together with her so i got here right here to seek out her however i’m so unfortunate that i got here to satisfy her at medical institution then was waiter too for her. Mohini says how did you transform nanny then? Teni thinks she has unending questions, Mohini says then how did you meet Parth and Shorvori? Teni says destiny, i’m deficient and i used to be roaming on streets, i went to company, Parth referred to as for helper there and that i company made me met Shorvori,i cried such a lot. Baa says Shorvori why you didnt let us know ahead of that she is your sister? Shorvori says state of affairs used to be now not appropriate, Baa says every so often we need to cover such things as that, i perceive. Teni says i panicked that Shorvori used to be leaving me as i’m deficient and now that i’m right here, i’m considering to stick right here with enthusiastic about few days, all glance on. Teni says i understood, Shorvori needs me to are living together with her however she cant let me keep in her inlaws,i will have to depart now, she takes her bag and cries fakely, she says i will be able to omit you, prevent me, she is set to go away however dada says prevent. Teni seems to be at him, dada says Shorvori is our daughter, you might have proper at this house, you’ll are living right here together with your sister, Teni says dada nice, i heard dada is merciless..i imply you’re indignant guy, dada laughs and says dont be scared, i love individuals who say fact now not the person who lie, lately is holi so develop into a part of this space. Teni says holi is my favourite, we will be able to have bhaang.. Shorvori says include me, she drags her away. Mohini thinks that it’s not that i am digesting this gujrati-bengali sister relation.

Scene 2
Teni involves Parth’s room.Parth says you lied such a lot? Teni says i were given scared that you simply other folks left me right here and went to America, Shorvori says we made this plan to take you to America so why do we depart on my own? Teni says i were given cheated so much so i am getting scared simply, i treated the entirety, Parth says how you are making such a lot of tales? Mohini goes to Parth’s room. Teni says to Parth that i referred to as you each however you didnt pick out up so i got here right here, we cant exchange what came about so dont fear. Parth says you cant keep right here, Teni says i will be able to keep right here, i’m pregnant together with your child, what if i’ve emergency?i will be able to are living right here, Shorvori stated she is going to deal with my child, door ofroom opens,they get tensed however sees Jalpa there. Jalpa says Mohini used to be coming to pay attention your talks however i ended her, Parth says until when we will be able to stay this hiding? Jalpa says what is going to occur to US program? Parth says we need to cancel that lure, Teni says you each keep right here, your child is with me, folks dont even hire space nowadays and that i gave you each my womb with out considering so one in every of you has to stick with me right here. Shorvori says to Parth that you’ll be able to pass to US and i will be able to are living with Teni. Jalpa says we advised circle of relatives that we’re going to America for Shorvori. Teni says then Parth can keep right here with me.Parth says i wont permit Shorvori to head on my own, Teni says then each keep right here and deal with child. Bharat requires them. Parth involves downstairs and meets Bharat, Bharat says i were given to understand Shorvori’s relative has come for first time, Teni says i’ve come right here and i will be able to make this holi nice. Bharat says how you’ve Gujrati accessory? Teni says its lengthy tale,. Bharat says we’re going to get alongside. Parth says i need to say one thing, Teni is new, she can be on my own right here so i used to be considering to cancel US go back and forth, all glance on, dada says no, Shorvori’s remedy is essential, you each have to head.

PRECAP- Teni is available in Holi and throws water on bhanushali circle of relatives, she says this is known as actual holi. She makes all members of the family dance on balam pichkari. Teni throws Parth’s members of the family in water bath.

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