Devanshi 21st February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Devanshi 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode

The Episode begins with a 14 yr bounce. The woman dressed like Kusum tells the sons and daughters that she is going to clear up all their issues, she is their Mata. She takes a bit woman to the river. The boy sees a woman telling about doing Choti Mata’s visarjan, He runs to inform Devanshi. Devanshi argues with the vegetable dealer and bargains to economize. The guy says I m now not trained, prevent it, let me do my paintings. She takes fill up from his pen. He asks what’s this. She says why will have to you get fill up loose with pen, if you’ll be able to’t give Dhaniya with greens. He says don’t give a lot Gyaan, have Dhaniya and chillies, pass house and prepare dinner meals. She thank you him and provides him fill up.

She is going to shop for plants. The guy says I’ve now not time to cut price. She says I would like plants to place on my oldsters’ percent, I will be able to’t

cut price for this. The boy runs to her and tells one thing. Devanshi runs to the river. The woman takes the woman to immerse her in water. The other folks prevent the woman. Devanshi says prevent Sakshi, depart the little woman. Sakshi dressed as Kusum, asks them to let her do woman’s visarjan. Devanshi asks Sakshi to go away the woman, is that this a comic story. Devanshi asks the woman to open her eyes. The woman will get mindful. The guy says Mata stored my daughter. The other folks ask Devanshi to stay her mad sister at house, we will be able to’t stay her in village, depart her to psychological asylum, else we will be able to drop her to asylum. Devanshi says no, she isn’t mad, she is in surprise, I promise she won’t hurt any person. The other folks argue and ask her to ship Sakshi to psychological asylum. Sakshi is going. Devanshi appears for Sakshi.

She comes house and sees Sakshi hiding inside of a drum. She says are you hiding there, I do know you’re there. Sakshi says no, I m now not right here Devanshi. Devanshi smiles and unearths her. Sakshi says you all the time in finding me. Devanshi hugs her. Sakshi says don’t put rice in it, I love to cover on this. Devanshi asks what’s just right in it. Sakshi says it seems like Jwalapuri’s hundi. Devanshi recollects the youth. She says don’t take hundi identify from nowadays, none will have to pass inside of hundi.

Sakshi will get frustrated and says you don’t let me do anything else, inform me, why did you now not let me do Choti Mata’s visarjan, you’re dangerous. She asks Devanshi to go away. Devanshi sings a lullaby for her. Their youth moments are noticed. Sakshi calms down. Devanshi cries and sees her oldsters’ percent. She presentations cash and provides Sakshi. Sakshi says that is for my remedy and places in pot. She luckily places cash in all of the dust pots. Devanshi says you be mindful the whole thing. Sakshi says I would like extra money. Devanshi asks why. Sakshi will get any other pot, and says we need to pass Jwalapuri. Devanshi recollects stoning Kusum. She breaks the pot. Sakshi will get surprised. Devanshi says we will be able to by no means go back to Jwalapuri. She hugs Sakshi and says we will be able to by no means step there. She recollects Kusum. She thinks how other folks immersing Devanshi and Maiyya idol within the river. She says we will be able to by no means pass there.

Kusum comes out of police station. The other folks in black garments have swords in hand. Kusum asks the driving force to take her to Jwalapuri. Sakshi refuses to have meals. Devanshi asks her to have meals, else how will she develop up. Sakshi says I don’t need to develop up. Some folks knock door and ask Devanshi to open door, psychological asylum folks to take Sakshi. Devanshi says it will’t occur. She makes Sakshi put on her ghungroo beads. The folks come inside of and ask for Sakshi. Devanshi stops them and asks them to not contact Sakshi. The woman says we will be able to ship Sakshi to psychological asylum these days. Devanshi says no, depart from right here. Nurse says physician informed you again and again, ship Sakshi, physician is sending her to Jwalapuri psychological asylum. Devanshi recollects Omi getting crushed up. Sakshi says I need to move Jwalapuri. Devanshi asks her to prevent. Sakshi is going with them. The women prevent Devanshi and run.

Devanshi sees Omi’s percent and recollects promising Omi that she is going to all the time maintain Sakshi. Omi asks her now not to go back to this village ever. She cries. She thinks to meet her promise and now not let anything else happent o Sakshi. The folks dressed in black garments say we will be able to by no means forgive her, we will be able to now not ket them damage our coming generations. Kusum is at the method. Kusum’s servant says she gave us that wound which we will be able to’t put out of your mind, she made me cry, nowadays we will be able to kill her.

Devanshi says depart Sakshi, I m educating song to youngsters and being profitable, I m getting Sakshi’s remedy completed, what’s the want to ship her to psychological asylum. Doctor says I do know you’re keen on her, however its possibility for her and others additionally, she has were given your identify written on her wrist, she will have died, allow us to ship her. Devanshi asks her to not ship her to Jwalapuri. Doctor asks why are you frightened of Jwalapuri. She says I will be able to stay Sakshi right here, I will be able to give bills. He asks how can you arrange, Jwalapuri health facility is charitable.

Nurse comes and says Sakshi has run away, a van left for Jwalapuri, when she heard that, she has driven me and boarded the van. Devanshi thinks no, Sakshi can’t pass Jwalapuri. She runs.


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