When the cupid goes blind we create our destiny Episode 23

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It used to be haldi.
All the delightful morning themed decorations have been breath taking.

There have been dew drops discovered putting in all places. Yellow curtains added to its good looks.
Anika entered in her yellow chilly shouldered lengthy back-less robe, unfastened directly hair curlled under, lengthy golden earrings. Speechless, pinky got here operating… “did you inform him? I’m death to have you ever as my DIL”. She screams in anika’s ears.
“No maa.. she lied to her as her tears began peeping out.
Gently combing anika’s hair..”you continue to have time.. dont spoil your center later..” pinky stated and moved away.

Kept anika all considering.

Everyone appeared satisfied. Seeing om and gauri everybody actually did really feel satisfied.

Om got here operating and tickled gauri.. she jumped and laughed. Later she chases om to do the similar.

Ru in his yellow shaded kurta noticed sowmya all dolled up in her sandal colored gold published part sleeved shirt and lengthy meroon skirt.

He informed her that she seemed stunning by motion. And sowmya smiled.

Shivaay enters the scene.. noticed anika getting into. Breath-taking good looks she used to be.

She went close to him.. he moved away immedietly.
She felt dejected.

Oh my mata !!! You guys are getting married the next day. Why are you shifting like sloths? Come on come on.
Let the colors be implemented quickly, Pinky shouts.

Om and gauri hopped immedietly to the puts in the open lawn and each have been implemented with turmeric. Smiles, smiles, smiles in all places.

While anika used to be roaming inside of the space adorning and shouting to the providers over telephone for the right kind execution of grand wedding ceremony forward her the next day to come.

Prinku signalled anika that anika’s again hook had come off whilst anika used to be busy arguing over her bluetooth software. Anika became again to peer it open and smiled to prinku.. thanked her by sign and walked to the within reach room now not noticing to which one she used to be getting into.

Standing in entrance of the reflect, she grabbed her hair and put em all in entrance. She attempted crawling her hands to her again in order that she may just succeed in the hook. Biting her lips she attempted her fullest to succeed in it however in useless. Still arguing over telephone.
Jerking, she felt but some other set of ten hands crawling her again to sign up for the hook.
“Oii madam.. ultimate and ultimate.. twelve thousand” man shouted over telephone..

She didnt answer as She noticed shivaay singh oberoi taking a look at her in the reflect. When he seemed down, he used to be actually awestruck. She appeared rattling scorching in her backless get dressed.

It used to be as though she used to be flaunting her again and had entered the room simply to mesmerise him.

He positioned his palm somewhat decrease. She shivered in shyness.
“hi madam.. hi.. hi” man shouts.
Gently eliminating her bluetooth, “Madam is busy” shivaay whispered and throws it away.

He had if truth be told stole some turmeric from the kitchen. He implemented it on her again. He may just see her shiver throuh her mirrored image.

Gently became her over. Looked into her eyes. Applied it on her cheeks.

“shivaay.. “ she whispered.
Stepping again, with a volumed up voice “Thanks. For letting me practise find out how to revel in haldi with ananya.. now get out and ship ananya in” shivaay stated.

She used to be Shocked. Taking briefly breaths, she rushed out.
By the door, she cries and sobbs.
Runs to the washroom and cleans the turmeric off her.

Ananya and shivaay is made to take a seat and the oberois practice turmeric to them.

Prinku all fearful appears at shivaay. He notices her and asks is she effective?

Trying onerous she places a grin and nodds sure.

Haldi will get over, and nonetheless some turmeric is noticed disregarded. Dadi asks ru and sowmya to place those vessels to scrub.

On the means.. sowmya asks “when is holi?”

“In three months i assume” he spoke back.

“Ah i leave out celebrating it with mama papa” she stated as he noticed her satisfied face frown.

“we can have fun it now” he stated promptly and wiped the disregarded turmeric and slashed it on her cheeks an runs..

She goes operating to the kitchen drops the vessels in the sink and chases ru.

“Dont run or else i’ll upload more energy on your nutrition with out you figuring out..she blackmailed as she persisted chasing him.
Finally grabbing him, she wiped the turmeric on her face by wiping it without delay on his kurta.
(It used to be if truth be told an oblique hug)
Laughing and guffawing they each stopped at some degree.

Realising their place sowmya unlocked her palms round his neck and he moved his palms clear of her hips. They once more shared a clumsy smile.

Ananya got here out of shivaay’s room after discussing a few deal and the laws of an organization.
Seeing her popping out, Not figuring out about the matter that they had mentioned and assuming them to have hung out playing their haldi, anika fumed in anger.

Shivaay spotted this and keeping up the similar.. he noticed anika with a pity face.

“Dont fear, you are going to kill your emotions quickly, i comprehend it.. simply kick back” he stated smiling.

Staring at him like actually throwing flame from her eyes, she swooshed away.

He smirked. He may just see her all jealous and that’s precisely what he sought after.

“take a look at me, all yellow, im yellow ranger, SPD EMERGENCY!!!” gauri screamed in pleasure.
You are loopy ! Om laughed and pat her head.

“you understand ? I’ll no doubt let my son paint his personal lifestyles. Im positive he’ll transform like his father someday, doing what he love, dwelling inside of his rules, now not making an attempt to slot in this merciless global” gauri stated.

“you don’t have any concept how stunning you phrases have been now. Are you positive you’ll give him that freedom?” he requested all awestruck.

She nodded a YES.

“Because it used to be now not that straightforward for me to be alone. Tej by no means appreciated me that means. I needed to fight my approach. I used to be so strong on what i sought after. I’m satisfied that my son wont have this kind of fight” he stated wiping his tears.

“Okay.. sooner than all that.. we want a son!” he stated nuzzled into her hair.

“Haha.. only a day more Mr. Poet, then i’m all yours” she stated pushing him away.

Anika got here looking for her bluetooth.
She remembered shivaay throwing it away in his room.

She entered with a knock and noticed shivaay busy signing his information.
“My bluetooth” she stated angrily dealing with the different aspect.

He signalled it to be on one nook.

She bent down to pick out it up. Her hair fell in entrance.

He took a look whilst signing the papers. He noticed her again gleaming.
Jaw dopping, he stammered “You are distracting me” he yelled.

What?!? Ananya yelled as she entered his room.


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