China to build 50 schools in FATA

KARACHI: China would build over 50 women schools in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Deputy Chief of Mission at Chinese Embassy in Pakistan Lijian Zhao introduced past due Sunday.

In a message on twitter, Lijian Zhao stated, “Under the grant of ¥800 million introduced by President Xi Jinping’s talk over with to Pakistan in 2015, 50 schools can be constructed in FATA.”

This he stated in reaction to state-run Radio record about Pakistan executive steps being taken for reconstruction of destroyed women faculty in FATA.

According to the Radio Pakistan record, the federal government is taking daring steps for reconstruction of women schools, destroyed all the way through struggle towards terror in FATA.

There are 2248 women School in FATA and two co-education primarily based schools that still giving admission to women on benefit foundation.

Over 1195 women schools have been affected by conflict on terror in those tribal businesses, of them, 555 have been utterly destroyed and 491 have been in part affected.

About 895 schools were rehabilitated and development of ultimate schools is beneath procedure.

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