Chandrakanta 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta 30th April 2017 Written Update Episode,

Chandrakantha assists in keeping retailer room key beneath her pillow and sleeps. Virendra watches that peeping by the use of door. He silently enters her room and choices key. Chapala and Champa input chatting and asks Viru if he got here sooner than them to get up rajkumari. He smiles and needs just right morning. They say he will have to have now not slept entire night time protective rajkumari. They get up Chandrakantha. She wakes up yawning and reminisces Viru taunting her final night time. Chapala says Viru he can move now, they are going to offer protection to rajkumari. He walks smiling. Chandrakantha
searches key underneath her pillow and does now not in finding it. Chapala and Champa get started looking out key. Viru/Virendra thinks doubt might be most effective on him. He asks Chapala and Champa to look key beneath mattress and silently assists in keeping it underneath pillow. They seek as he guides. He asks to look underneath pillow. They in finding key underneath pillow. Chandrakantha
feels stunned as she had already searched it beneath pillow. Champa and Chapala inform Chandrakantha it time for her tub and take her alongside. Virendra thinks he has to get nearer to Chandrakantha to get key.

Shivdutt together with his military rushes against Vijaygarh and excitedly shouts he needs to ruin Vijaygarh and make Chandrakantha his maid/concubine. Jhumru says they’re simply 7 km away. Nazim and Ahmed watch the entirety hiding and call to mind informing Chandrakantha first. They transform birds and fly to succeed in rapid.

Virendra walks into lawn and sees Chapala and Champa training sword. He says they want right kind talents and teaches Chapala maintaining her waist. Chandrakantha
Gets jealous and scolds them it seems like they’re going to win warfare, they may now not even in finding out who masked guy used to be. They each depart. She demanding situations Viru for a battle. Viru performs together with her and silently choices and drops key from her waist and begins water fountain. Chandrakantha drenches utterly and twists her leg. Viru holds and lifts her and corrects her ankle sprain after which leaves. He then silently returns and takes key print on clay bar and thinks he’s going to make retailer room’s replica key and get talisma key for his father. Chandrakantha returns and he will get tensed, hiding key and clay bar at the back of. She asks to provide key. He says he discovered key right here and it used to be grimy, so he considered cleansing it and returning her as it’s her waist’s jewellery and really valuable. Chandrakantha says he’s professional in different fields in conjunction with struggle. She takes key and leaves. Munna enters and asks what’s he looking out. Viru considering him as Badri sees clay bar in his hand and tells it’s imprint of retailer room key and talisma key’s in retailer room. He leaves to his room. Badri comes and holds him from at the back of and shouts he betrayed by locking him and khoonkhars in cave. Viru asks the place is clay bar. Badri asks which bar. Viru informs entire incident. Badri says it used to be now not him, will have to be another Ayyar.

Munna walks into Chandrakantha’s room. Maids scold how can he input rajkumari’s room like this. Chandrakantha sends maids away. Munna becomes Chapala and tells Chandrakantha that her doubt used to be proper, Viru needs to scouse borrow talisma key from retailer room. Viru enters and says he isn’t a thief. Chandrakantha sends everybody out and says he used to be at the back of her from Yaksha Mahal for simply key and reminisces all incidents. Viru says it’s his key and he isn’t a thief. Chandrakantha says he betrayed her. Argument ensues. Servant comes and informs that Shivdutt has entered Vijaygarh border with military for a conflict.

Shivdutt camps on Vijaygarh’s border. Virendra heads against them on his horse. Shivdutt watches it and thinks why wooden cutter is coming. Viru reaches and squaddies level swords on him. Viru says he got here to speak to their king peacefully. Shivdutt enters and laughs non violent communicate. Virus says why he needs to kill his military for his vanity, he does now not needs each military solidiers die, so it’s higher they each battle. Shivdutt laughs that he does now not need to communicate to a wooden cutter. Viru says he’s Vijaygarh’s military leader. Shivdutt orders squaddies to kill him. Viru says why he needs to kill his military, let somebody attempt to bend his hand, if he loses they may be able to behead him. Soldiers arm strive against with him and 10 squaddies attempt to defeat him, however overpowers all of them and says their king needs them to die as an alternative of preventing on my own, he’s a coward. Shivdutt shouts. Viru demanding situations they each will struggle the next day to come morning. Shivdutt says they are going to battle until dying. Viru has the same opinion and leaves. Tej Singh’s hawk watches the entirety and is going to him in prison. Tej singh says Shivdutt took his inexperienced ring, with out that his magic won’t paintings, handiest hawk can get his ring to loose himself and his king and queen.

Precap: Chandrakantha’s stepmom yells at Viru that he’s going to battle, however entire Vijaygarh will endure. Viru guarantees that he’s going to offer protection to Vijaygarh other folks and most effective will guess Chandrakantha’s dignity. Shivdutt on mattress thinks Viru will die.

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Chandrakanta 30th April 2017 .

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