Chandrakanta 12th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sony TV Chandrakanta 12th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Shivdutt issues sword at him and asks who’s he, what’s he doing her and is set to kill him when Chandrakanta as Champa pleads to go away him as she is aware of him, he stored rajkumari Chandrakanta’s lie. Champa as Chandrakanta says sure. Shivdutt asks who’s he. Badri rushes and says he’s Munna, yaksha mahal’s guard and this guy is his pal Viru the wooden cutter. Pandit says Munna is their unswerving employee. Shivdutt spares Virendra and says until talisma’s door isn’t opened, they’re going to now not pass from right here. His puppet servant loudly says all of them will obey our savior. Chandrakanta leaves taking a look at Virendra again and again. Pandit asks Viru/Virendra to get wooden for havan. Badri praises Virendra that he managed his anger well these days, else he idea he’s going to kill Shivdutt.

Marich fumes considering

how yaksha mahal’s door closed. He then realizes that this is because it’s unique proprietor’s presence. He tells his pandit that they are going to now not inform Virendra about his secret.

Virendra angrily cuts a tree with awl and gathers wooden. Chandrakanta reaches there and walks very with reference to him. Virendra turns and clashes together with her. She slips. He holds her hand and forestalls her from falling. He then asks how does she know that he stored rajkumari. She says she is…then says rajkumari herself advised her. Virendra says best he and rajkumari have been provide there, then how does she know. He forcefully gets rid of her veil and shouts she…considering she is the woman he met at jwarghati. He warns her to not are available entrance of him, else he’s going to kill her. She leaves fuming. Virendra then meets Badri and shouts that he meet jwarghati woman once more and she or he is the only with rajkumari and rajkumari isn’t the actual one. If that woman is available in entrance of him once more, he’s going to kill her. Mansi comes there and asks what did he say. Badi says he way slicing wooden. She says this a lot wooden is sufficient for nowadays and leaves. Virendra asks who is that this woman. Badri says how does he know. Mansi hears her and shouts she is pandit’s daughter mansi. She scolds them and leaves. Badri says Virendra that they have got to complete their paintings quickly, else different magicians/ayaars will determine him quickly. Virendra says at night time when everybody are asleep, he’s going to end his paintings. Chandrakanta additionally reaches again to her room fuming and says Champa that she went to satisfy wooden cutter. Champa says why did she move to satisfy him. Chandrakanta says he’s very boastful.

Mansi then takes meals to Shivdutt’s room. Shivdutt will get mesmerized together with her good looks and lusts for her. His good friend warns him to relax, else Chandrakanta won’t marry him. He walks very close to Mansi and asks if she served meals to rajkumari. She says sure and leaves.

At night time, Virendra is going close to yaksha Mahal. Someone engraved in stone idol speaks and says he/Virendra has come again to save lots of him. His female friend Siyali will get into Mansi’s frame and walks against him and says she is looking ahead to him since 100 years in some or other folks’s our bodies. He says he has to get him out of his curse and asks her to get into wall, he’s going to display her their savior. He presentations Virendra and says Virendra is raja Harshvardhan’s reincarnation and can save them. Siyali says she is going to regulate Virendra and drive him to obey her orders. She then runs. Virendra sees a woman operating and follows. Chandrakanta will get a dream about her and Harshvardhan, thinks how is she associated with wooden cutter, she wishes to determine. She walks in looking out Viru/Virendra’s room. Both Virendra and Chandrakanta come at the reverse aspect of a wall and really feel hooked up and contact wall. Wall begins sparkling and a script emerges. Virendr and Chandrakanta depart. Pandit then passes through and sees script on wall and calls Shivdutt. Shivdutt says it’s distinctive script and asks to learn it. Pandit says he can not. Shivdutt says if his magician/ayaar used to be provide with him, he would have learn this scrit. He walks close to wall and script disappears.

In the morning, Veer searches clue for talisman door. He touches wall and script emerges once more. Shivdutt passes together with his puppet and pandit and sees any person round. Virendra runs seeing him. He catches Virendra and asks what’s he doing right here. Virendra says he used to be cleansing palace and a stone fell, so he used to be operating to flee his scolding. Shivdutt says the place is damaged stone right here and pushes Virendra. Virendra warns to not contact him. Shivdutt pushes once more and touches wall. Wall glows and a secret door emerges underground. They are all surprised. Pandit says this can be a secret door and don’t know the place it ends up in. Shivdutt says it’s going to result in talisma key and he’s going to tell rajumari first.

Chandrakanta wakes up and sees plants in entrance of her. Champa says Shivdutt despatched her those plants. Chandrakanta asks the place is Chapala. Champa says Chapala went to test round. Champa enters disguised as guard and says Shivdutt is coming right here. Chandrakanta will get tensed. Shivdutt enters and Chapala warns he can not input with out informing. Shivdutt says that is his kingdom and he can pass anywhere he likes. He forcefully tries to take away curtains when Krur Singh enters and forestalls him and says if raja will know that Shivdhutt misbehaved with Chandrakanta, then he’s going to wreck alliance. Shivdutt stops and says he got here to tell that he discovered path to get into Mahal and can in finding out key quickly. He has organized dinner this night and rajkumari has to return. He orders Krur Singh that it’s his responsibility to convey rajkumari. Once he leaves, Chandrakanta relaxes and thank you Krur Singh for his lend a hand and says she is going to ask her father to offer him a praise.

Chandrakanta at night time sees Virendra strolling suspiciously. She follows him once more they usually come at the reverse aspect of wall once more. They each contact wall once more. Harshvardhan and Chandrika’s portrait emerge in entrance of them. They are surprised to peer each and every different’s reproduction. They then get sucked into secret cave.

Precap: Chandrakantha sees Virendra in secret cave, runs and hugs him. Siyali sees them and thinks she has to get the woman clear of Harshvardhan/Virendra. Shivdutt ties Virendra and lashes him. Chandrakantha smirks.

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