Chandrakanta 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Life OK Chandrakanta 11th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Rajkumari Chandrakanta’s chariot heads against Navgarh to satisfy Shivdutt beneath Krur Singh and military’s coverage. Krur Singh stops ownership advert says Chandrakanta that they are going to relaxation for someday after which transfer. Chandrakanta will get out of her chariot and seeing stunning jungle says she forgot that lifestyles is so stunning out of palace. She will revel in out the wonderful thing about jungle for someday. Chapala and Champa ask what is going to they are saying Krur Singh. Chandrakanta says she accept as true with their intelligence and walks into jungle. Krur Singh comes and says he ordered particular dishes for Chandrakanta. Chapala and Champa says rajkumari is having stomachache and is resting. Krur Singh says he’s going to ship drugs. Chapala says she already gave chachaji Krur Singh says he isn’t that previous. Champa asks to not really feel dangerous, she

calls even her as chachi. Krur Singh says then wonderful and leaves.

Chandrakanta will get mesmerized seeing jungle’s good looks and animal. She walks against a deer and touches it. It runs. A cheetah then assaults her and she or he runs pleading for lend a hand. Virendra Singh reaches on his horse, choices her and speeds his horse. Chandrakanta feels she is aware of the person. Cheetah continues following them. They succeed in finish of cliff. Virendra stops horse. Chandrakanta runs and hides at the back of tree. Virendra battle with cheetah and kills it. Chandrakanta falls subconscious seeing it. Virendra walks against her angrily shouts why she is available in entrance of him ceaselessly, if he had recognized she is the woman in the hunt for lend a hand, he do not have stored her. He sees her subconscious and tries to raise when he hears Chapala, Champa and Krur Singh with military coming looking out Chandrakanta. He escapes with cheetah. Chapala, Champa and others see Chandrakanta subconscious and wake her up. Chandrakanta asks the place is the person who stored her from cheetah. Krur singh says the place is cheetah, it ran seeing him. Chapala/Champa says there is not any guy. Krur singh does his drama. Chandrakanta walks with them and thinks if the person used to be actual or it used to be her dream.

Virendra’s good friend Badrinath wakes up from sleep and panics seeing cheetah subsequent to him. He runs against Virendra. Virendra says it’s lifeless and he killed it. Badri says Virendra’s killing spree already began. Virendra says nowadays he’s going to now not kill someone as he’s going to Yaksha Mahal to get talisma ebook. His father Marich referred to as him and knowledgeable their guide is in yaksha Mahal since 100 years and he has to get it. Badri says it’s unimaginable for Virendra to not kill someone.

Chandrakanta continues considering how a person/Virendra stored her. Champa asks her to prevent considering of that guy and assume how she is going to review rajkumar Shivdutt. Shivdutt reaches Yaksha Mahal. Poojari introduces himself because the parent of Yaksha Mahal and asks if he’s in a position for pooja Shivdutt reminds that even rajkumari Chandrakanta could also be coming. Chandrakanta reaches and her squaddies chant her identify. Krur Singh’s drama is proven. Chandrakanta walks against Shivdutt and it’s reaveled Chandrakanta swapped her id with Champa and Champa introduces herself as Chandrakanta. Shivdutt greets her and thinks quickly he’s going to get her. Pandit reminds Shivdutt to take a tub for pooja. Chandrakanta thank you Krur Singh for working out her state of affairs and serving to her and touches his palms. Krur Singh is going into dream feeling her contact. Pandit takes Chandrakanta and workforce explaining the tale at the back of Yaksha Mahal, raja Harshavardhan and Chandrika, talismati guide and raja hiding e-book in talisman, and so forth. Krur Singh says he heard Yakshinis marry males and as soon as they’re fed of them kill the ones males. Pandit says if talisman is right, then this tale could also be true. Krur singh will get afraid. They stroll thru previous palace. A woman runs giggling. Krur singh will get afraid. Pandit orders woman to return out. She comes out giggling. Pandit says woman is his daughter and tells rajkumari Chandrakanta has come. Girl will get excited seeing Chandrakanta/Champa and says she dreamt of assembly her.

Virendra with Badri reaches close to yaksha Mahal and thinks how to go into it. He sees 2 males and tells Badri to turn is magic. Badri makes males subconscious and takes one in every of males’s face. He takes Virendra close to mahal’s front and says he forgot one thing and asks not to input in sooner than he returns and to regulate his anger. Virendra thinks he has come to this position previous and climbs steps.

Shivdutt plays pooja and Yaksha mahal’s door opens. Book is noticed beneath talisman energy. Shivdutt walks against it. Whole position will get surrounded through thunders. Champa and Chapala talk about that Shivdutt has magical powers. Just when Shivdutt tries to go into door, it closes. Pandit says it’s unexpected. Shivdutt scolds pandit that he performed trick to insult him. Pandit says it came about as a result of talisma’s actual proprietor is right here or any person unknown is amongst them. Shivdutt sees Virendra and issues sword against him and asks who’s he. Virendra fumes in anger. Chandrakanta realizes he is identical guy who stored her. Badri reaches and saves Virendra.

Precap: Virendra says he can not keep an eye on now, both Yaksha will display how you can get talisma or he’s going to damage it. He sees Chandrakanta hiding in damaged palace, catches her. She shouts. He shuts her mouth and warns to not are available entrance of him once more, else he’s going to kill her.

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