Chandra Nandni 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Replace

Mora says I didn’t see you develop and that was my greatest ache Chandra and this reward labored as assist for it, thanks a lot might god bless you,dadi says Nandini that is your concept proper,Nandini says no dadi this was Chandra, dadi says I do know you two very properly,Chandra by no means thinks by coronary heart however you all the time do,durdhara says ma which of all presents is your favorite , mora says I haven’t seen nandinis present but,Nandini says ma this your reward now please see this when your alone,Chandra says there shall be Royal dinner within the event of my moms birthday,Chandra says Nandini my reward would be the finest,Nandini says let’s see.

Mora opens her reward and sees mangalsutra and jewelry a married ladies wears and says what did you present a widow Nandini. Nandini in her room and says ma might be

very completely satisfied to see my reward,mora walks in lined in blanket,Nandini says ma did you want my reward,mora takes off her blanket,Nandini sees her dressed as a married ladies,mora says completely happy Nandini,I by no means thought you’d do that, I at all times took you as my daughter however you proved to be nands daughter,Nandini says ma,mora says don’t dare name me ma,your father killed my husband, torchered me all life however I at all times took as my daughter by coronary heart and Nandini you probably did this and that to for revenge, come Nandini apply sindoor as a result of I’ve no power to do it by myself ,Nandini says no ma please don’t,mora says you’ll by no means be forgiven for this,however don’t fear I cannot inform anybody about this and leaves.

Helina hiding and seeing all this and says after I couldn’t see this Chandra could be very indignant and now I’ll inform him about ma and her insult by Nandini. Nandini remembers what Vaidya instructed her and says am I actually mentally ailing. Helina says sure Chandra I noticed that with my eyes and I couldn’t see ma in tears,Chandra will get very indignant and throws away every little thing,helina says see Chandra ,Nandini is so intelligent she knew in entrance of dadi we gained’t scold her and so she took benefit,Chandra pushes helina and leaves,helina says I’m not upset about you pushing me however pleased about your anger.

Roopa laughing aloud,Sunanda says what’s improper,Helina mom says did she drink lots,Roopa says Nandini was to present her mom in regulation a treasured present and I made positive it’s actually a valuable one,Roopa has modified the sketch by Nandini with the marriage jewelry,Helina mom says she could be very Clever,Roopa says Nandini will always remember the results she has to face.

Chandra goes to mora and wipes her tears and says ma I’ll take revenge of this insult,Nandini confirmed she is nands daughter and he or she might be punished so harsh that she received’t overlook,mora says no Chandra this may harm your dadi,Chandra says ma I will probably be cautious about dadi,however this gained’t be forgiven,Chandra calls dasi and asks her to handle dadi and ensure she doesn’t get to Know in regards to the Sabha.

In Sabha when all get to learn about mora insult,everyone seems to be shocked,durdhara says why did Nandini do it,helina says when she comes ask her,Avantika says why is Nandini doing it Radha first Royal stamp now this why doesn’t she cease the revenge factor and reside a cheerful life. Helina walks to Nandini and says you’ll be able to’t meet ma,you may have harm her so much so keep away ,you’re known as right here to punish and I feel you ought to be thrown out,Chandra walks in and says I’ll resolve this,anyhow Nandini you’re the offender and insulted rajmata,Nandini says I didn’t,Chandra says converse when you find yourself requested too,Chandra calls dasi and asks helina to open the quilt over the plate,helina opens it,and sees a sketch and asks who’s it and what’s it to do with nandinis punishment.

Chandra says ma take a look at this sketch,mora will get very emotional,and says that is surya Gupta ,Nandini will get very glad.chandra exhibits everybody the sketch and says this the present Nandini needed to present and wished to present Kanika ma the jewelry and the items had been exchanged and Kanika ma knowledgeable me about it,Kanika ma please stroll in,Kanika says rajmata it was only a mistake,the items had been exchanged ,durdhara says I knew our Nandini would by no means do it.

Mora says Nandini please forgive me I’m very sorry,Nandini says ma please don’t and hugs her ,mora sees the sketch and says nandinis reward is the favorite of mine,thanks Nandini,Nandini seems at Chandra and smiles.

Chandra goes to see Nandini on terrace.Nandini lighting diyas,Nandini about to harm herself,Chandra helps her and holds her hand,each stare into every others eyes.

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