Chandra Nandni 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus Chandra Nandni 24th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Chanakaya explaining plan to squaddies,Helina walks in and says why did Chandra give up to my father, Chanakya says why did your father assault on us and why did his military sign up for him again and to seek out this explanation why Chandra went to talk over with your father and I feel you will have to depart,Helina says could also be even I do know the solution or could also be I will be able to lend a hand,Chanakya says then helina you might be the queen of magad in true sense as a result of magad is in peril and wishes lend a hand,you’ll be recognized endlessly in historical past.

Nandini leaves the mahal. Mora says why did Nandini pass,she will’t maintain nands military,Avantika says she took the proper step,padmanand gained’t assault his daughter and she or he no doubt did this to save lots of magad, and I reinforce her choice,Nandini has her reminiscences with nand going round in her thoughts. Helina and Chanakya

depart thru secret method. Chandra says selecus I’m now not right here to give up however want some solutions, you have been the person who misplaced ultimate time,and as a deal I married Helina, so why did you assault me,selecus stated angle isn’t just right,You are between Greeks massive military and not using a palms,Chandra says you’re my father in regulation so I’m speaking so respectfully so please solution me,selecus says the reason being Helina.

Selecus says I passed Helina to you however I used to be knowledgeable she isn’t given all rights different queens right here get,or even the elephants we had requested for we didn’t get so we’re right here,Chandra says if the reason being 500 elephant you knew I used to be to despatched them however needed to depart for conflict and will hand immediately and about Helina I’ve given all rights actually much more than the rights a queen has and for private issues you incorporated 9 lakhs squaddies,selecus says Helina shall take that call,Chandra says no we will take,Chanakya and Helina input and Chanakya says Selecus is true,Helina shall take the verdict.

Padmanand is knowledgeable maharani Nandini is right here with a sword,padmanand says don’t assault her and leaves,maliketu says I am hoping this Nandini doesn’t get into right here as a ache different sensible nand gained’t assault till she is right here,nand walks to Nandini.

Chanakya says rani Helina communicate on your father,Helina says positive however prior to that I want to communicate to Chandra all on my own. Padmanand says Nandini my daughter,Nandini issues sword and says I’m maharaj Chandragupta spouse and his enemy is mine and I’m status in entrance of 1 and I gained’t shiver to assault ,padmanand says I’m you pitahamaharaj,Nandini says in conflict there aren’t any family members and also you misplaced all rights while you published your true face on your own and Chandra he is a smart king and I’m shameful that I’m your daughter however proud to be maharaj Chandragupta spouse,padmanand says few hours extra and I will be able to win over magad and relive you from this ache.

Nandini says if being with Chandra is ache I shall settle for it, padmanand says if killing me makes you satisfied kill me,Nandini drops her sword.chandra says Helina your father attacked us even if we’re right into a peace deal,and he stated the reason being Helina wrote a letter to me,so without a doubt you’re hiding one thing,Helina says no I do not know,Chandra says in reality then how did he find out about our private problems,Helina says he’s my father,Chandra says all this as a result of I stated no for a kid and glance magad is in peril since you made our private problems right into a conflict ,Helina says don’t I’ve proper to even percentage my ache with father and I’m right here that will help you, I will be able to prevent this warfare, and save magad as a result of I’m queen too and need to save my other folks however on one situation,it’s Nandini,Chandra says sufficient of it,why drag her each and every time,Helina says I do know as a result of Nandini you stated no for our kid,Chandra lift his hand however stops,Helina says beat me or kill me however this conflict will prevent handiest while you throw Nandini out Of this mahal,simply assume you’ll be able to save entire magad simply by this one Condition.

Chanakyas decided on squaddies assault selecus,and says your massive military is looking ahead to you however my decided on squaddies attacked you and If no king little need of military,selecus says I shall kill you,Chanakya says you no this isn’t imaginable anyhow you’re Chandras father in regulation and so let’s talk about,Chandra walks and says not more dialogue I don’t settle for helinas situation,Chanakya says settle for her situation,we will be able to kill selecus however it’s now not simple to take care of his military,Magad first,don’t put out of your mind that,I request you,Chandra says good enough,I settle for helinas situation however I’ve one situation too,selecus says what,Chandra says now you shall sign up for us battle nand.
Helina nods to his father,selecus says agreed.

Pre cap : Chandra Nandini in combination in a tent in combination.

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