Chandra Nandni 23rd February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Chandra Nandni 23rd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Bharti with padmanand looking ahead to Chanakyas answer and says now I shall kill her since I don’t have any solution after which they’re going to needless to say padmanand doesn’t simply communicate ,padmanand about to kill her,Amartya says maharaj please prevent,padmanand says Amartya that is ultimate time I’m letting you move or else will behead you,amartya says maharaj,Chandragupta treats Chanakyas as his god and in the event you kill his daughter,Nandini might be risk and so deal with Bharti as you wish to have Nandini to be handled, that is for nandinis just right.

Roopa will get poison and says Sunanda ma when somebody has it the individual doesn’t keep alive and now I will have to move there as Nandini and Chaya shall be lifeless,and as soon as Chaya can be lifeless I will be able to take nandinis position,Sunanda says no Roopa it’s bad so that you can pass there,Roopa

says nobody can prevent me and if Chaya wakes up all of us be lifeless and pushes Sunanda and leaves.chandra searches nandinis books to seek out one thing to save lots of Chaya,Chandra sees Roopa and says Nandini include me and takes her to room,and says you’re very clever inform me which ebook has drugs wisdom we will be able to use it to save lots of Chaya.roopa thinks god I’m uneducated.

Roopa says could also be this guide,Chandra says that is literature,Roopa says there is not any such guide Chandra,Chandra says there will have to be one thing test this e-book please,Roopa opens it,and says could also be this one,Chandra says no Nandini now not this one what’s flawed,Nandini says I’m so fearful about Chaya I cant pay attention could also be I will have to be together with her and now not right here and leaves.

Sunanda pulls Roopa and says watch out come I will be able to can help you. Nandini says mora ma you pass relaxation we’re right here with Chaya,mora says I will be able to now not depart my daughter, deficient woman she isn’t waking up even if her mom is looking her,Vaidya says rajmata no drugs is operating on Chaya, maliketu says please save her, Vaidya says handiest trishulvatti can save her however I don’t know the process,Nandini says good enough and is going to her room and pushes Chandra and begins in search of her books,Chandra asks what are you as much as,Nandini says Vaidya needs trishulvatti I’ve the process in my ebook in finding it that method ,it has tulsi plant percent on it ,each get started on the lookout for the e-book.

Nandini unearths it and says Chandra glance that is the process let’s make the drugs and each get ready it,Chandra leaves as mora has referred to as him,Sunanda says Nandini I’m so scared save Chaya,and distracts Nandini,slowly Roopa provides poison to it,Roopa thinks now Chaya will die and nobody will know the reality and subsequent Nandini will die and I will be able to be the ruling queen. Helina walks away and says oh I will have to relaxation this drama,Helina hears crying noise and says that is from durdharas room and she or he wasn’t with Chaya too and is going to test her and sees the room complete darkish and calls out durdhara and sees her hiding and scared and asks what’s mistaken.

Durdhara says pass away don’t come close to me and my child,helina says chill out what’s fallacious with you,durdhara says helina she driven Chaya and killed her child and can kill my child too and hugs helina and says save my child,Helina asks who did what,durdhara says Nandini killed Chaya and her child, I noticed her she driven Chaya,please save me and my child,helina says chill out I’m with you.

Chanakya with squaddies following knowledge that padmanand is hiding close to the river aspect,Chanakya says to complete the commute we will be able to want 2 days and it’s my fight I will be able to trip on my own right here after please depart now,squaddies says acharya all on my own on this jungle,Chanakya says there is not any position for worry in me and so take the hearth away too,

Nandini says Vaidya here’s trishulvatti,Vaidya says just right now give this to Chaya.roopa hiding and staring at,helina says prevent dont give the drugs and walks in with durdhara. Helina says you wish to have to kill Chaya proper in order that nobody will get to understand what you probably did,what’s on this cup,is there poison in it. Sunanda thinks how does she know. Helina says sure Chandra ,Nandini pushes Chaya from stairs,Chandra says helina don’t disregard you’re wondering ruling queen,Helina says take a look at durdhara how scared she is ,inform them the reality durdhara, durdhara says sure I noticed Nandini pushing Chaya from stair case.

Nandini says durdhara what’s fallacious,durdhara hides at the back of mora and says ma save me from her,she is going to kill my child too,Maliektu says Nandini why did you do that,Sunanda thinks god this shouldn’t be taking place,Chandra says what everybody,durdhara take a look at me inform me the place have been you used to be it your false impression,Helina says however Chandra,Chandra shouts nobody speaks in between,durdhara inform me,durdhara says sure Chandra I noticed Nandini pushing,Nandini has poison in her hand to kill Chaya,Chandra says how are you able to all query Nandini who all the time is helping everybody ,and who handled dadi too,I believe Nandini and as evidence I shall drink the drugs and beverages it. Roopa will get surprised.

Sunanda thinks oh god what is going to occur now,Chandra says Nandini can by no means do that and his mouth begins bleeding and he falls down.

Pre cap : mora says Nandini as a result of you each youngsters of mine are in peril and I order to prison Nandini.


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