BrahmaRakshas 18th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

BrahmaRakshas 18th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Raina tries to save lots of Rishab in asur sthal when Brahmarakshas enters. Rishab asks her to ggo. Raina says Brahmarakshas has to kill her first prior to touching Rishab. Brahmarakshas grips her neck and throws her away after which pierces his nails in Rishab’s neck. Raina wakes up from dream shouting Rishab…and realizes it used to be her dream. She walks out against Rishab’s room when she unearths Ved. Ved asks what’s she doing out and if she broke vase. She says no. They each stroll into Rishab’s room and in finding him lacking. They pop out of space and notice Brahmarakshas’ footsteps, understand that Brahmarakshas took away Rishab. Ved asks her to not fear and will get jeep. Mitali brings gun and says even she is going to come alongside to save lots of Rishab bhaiya. Brahmarakshas carries Rishab into jungle with Kammo at the back of

him. He slips and falls and becomes Yug. Kammo asks what came about to his Brahmarakshas shape and the place is Rishab. Yug says one thing has came about. Kammo unearths Rishab on flooring gaining awareness and informs Yug. Yug says allow us to move away ahead of somebody comes. Kammo asks him to raise Rishab once more. He lifts Rishab and hears Raina and Ved/Mitali’s footsteps and rushes away.

Sadhus proceed pooja and havan and notice serious typhoon coming. They talk about one thing goes flawed and they have got to stay havan fireplace on and chant mantras for eight hours to save lots of. Raina witih Ved and Yug seek Rishab. They listen footsteps and apply it. Yug and Kammoo hidebehind tree. Raina says there is not any one right here, will have to be animal and stroll in other way. Yug tells Kammo that Rishab is gaining awareness. Kammo says temple is within reach, she slips and twists her leg. Yug says he’s going to take Rishab to temple sooner than he wakes up. He walks until street when Raina, Ved and Mitali see him wearing Rishab and ask what is going on. Yug says they will have to ask Rishab. Rishab wakes up and asks the place is he. Raina says she noticed Brahmarakshas footsteps. Yug says he noticed Brahmarakshas and Rishab within reach, stored Rishab and carried him away. Raina says allow us to move house. Kammo status at a distance relaxes that they didn’t see her.

Raina with others carries Rishab house. Phuli asks how did Rishab pass out in jungle. Nalin presentations his fear for Yug and says he does now not have any person with the exception of him now and he will have to now not have risked his lifestyles for Rishab. Yug says Rishab is his brother, how can he let him die. Daadi confronts Nalin what does he imply. Nalin yells that it hurts when blood is in hassle, he does now not care about Rishab. Mitali says for her all three brothers are similar. Nalin continues his expressing his reasonable considering and says he does now not want Daadi’s cash and wishes his last circle of relatives, Yug. Until Rishab is right here, their circle of relatives isn’t protected. Raina says he introduced them right here and is speaking about protection, he knew Brahmarakshas is right here and risked circle of relatives’s lifestyles. They fought with Brahmarakshas each and every second, she attempted to sacrifice her lifestyles again and again to save lots of others, however Brahmarakshas simply needs lives and won’t prevent. Nalin knew all this sooner than even then he got here right here. Rishab was Narsimha as a result of Mohini, she took them to narsimha parbath. Nalin asks why will have to he endure as a result of Mohini. Raina says as a result of they’re a circle of relatives, if one is harm, different feels ache and each and every member tries to offer protection to any other. She will take Rishab’s duty and no one needs to be apprehensive for, now not even Yug. She says Rishab allow us to pass. Daadi says it’s middle of the night and she or he will have to now not pass. Phuli says similar. Raina takes Rishab to his room.

In room, Rishab thinks he will have to now not have come again and will have to have died. Raina brings culmination for him and says if he will have to now not dare call to mind going, else his chindi will punish him. Rishab says Naina bhabi. Raina says he didn’t kill Naina and stored all of them, they’re a circle of relatives and will have to lend a hand each and every different. He says he does now not know. She hugs him. He appears at window. She asks what came about. He says not anything. She closes window and says no one is there and makes him sleep.

Brahmarakshas/yug shouts at Kammo that she is fortunate that Rishab didn’t see her and now she is going to die. Kammo asks what did she do. Yug asks why didn’t she convey extra jadi boti. She says she has a plan and says as Brahmarakshas he will have to move and kill villagers’ animals and keeping their neck warn them to get haveli folks, then she is going to come operating like dhanno and tell that haveli individuals are in sanjay’s haveli. One she leaves, Mitali comes and thank you Yug for saving Rishab. He says he needed to. She asks what about Nalin. Yug asks to disregard Nalin, she is aware of his nature.

Villages get up within the morning and notice their animals lifeless and blood throughout. Lakhan says there’s blood throughout fields and water smartly. Brahmarakshas comes and says he killed their animal, grips lady’s neck and warns to get him haveli folks, else he’s going to kill all of them. Kammo comes operating and says she is aware of the place haveli individuals are and can get them to him. Brahmarakshas leaves. Kammo begins her drama and says she noticed Raina and circle of relatives strolling against Sanjay’s haveli giggling that villagers may just now not hurt them. She provokes villagers that they are going to kill haveli other folks and save themselves. Lakhan reacts as same old. Kammo smirks and thinks Raina punished her like grimy linen, now she is going to see villagers punishing Raina.

Rishab walks round haveli thinks the place he used to be going final night time, how did Brahmarakshas catch him. Yug comes and Rishab thank you him for saving him and says everybody advised about it. Yug asks if he used to be in his position will he now not save him. Rishab says sure. Yug hugs him and says he’s brother and no one will have to inform they don’t seem to be blood kinfolk. Raina hears their dialog status away. Rishab says he didn’t kill Naina and may just now not turn out to be Narsimha when he sought after and can flip routinely with out his want. Yug says he can listen a valid from different path. Rishab says even he can listen similar, villagers are coming. They all run into house and tell circle of relatives. Phuli asks how villagers know they’re right here. Yug says Phuli. She asks what does he imply. He says both they or she will tell villagers, when they don’t seem to be, it’s her. Daadi asks why will she. Nalin says she needs to take her son’s revenge. Daadi says they will have to now not doubt her. Yug says he and Rishab will pass out and divert villager’s consideration whilst Yug takes everybody away in jeep. Everyone face up to however agree. Rishab and Yug cover at the back of timber whilst Yug will get everybody into jeep. Villagers succeed in haveli and don’t in finding someone. Pakhandi baba says Kammo is fooling them. They listen jeep sound and run out and notice jeep rushing away. Lakhan shouts he’s going to kill all of them. Yug hiding at the back of tree thinks he’s forcing them to behave on his plan. Rishab throws stone to divert their consideration. Yug fumes. Lakhan says what if they’re operating in jungle. Kammo asks to divide themselves into 2 teams, one pass at the back of jeep and one in jungle. Ved drives jeep. Phuli says Lakhan is aware of each and every a part of village and can catch them. Raina stops Ved and drops Mitali’s dupatta on a stone. Kammo unearths dupatta and presentations it to Lakhan and others and says they will have to have long past into jungle. Lakhan says he’s born and purchased up right here, he’s going to in finding and kill all of them.

Rishab falls whilst strolling in jungle and realizes he fell at similar position the day before today night time. He asks Yug if he discovered him right here, how did he. Yug asks to prevent considering a lot and stroll. Rishab sees Yug’s eyes pink and asks what is going on, he realizes Yug listening to sound and asks he can listen as he’s Narsimha, how can Yu listen sound. He realizes foot steps out of doors haveli,e tc., and realizes Yug is Brahmarakshas. Yug becomes Brahmarakshas. Rishab says he’s going to now not spare him these days. Kammo comes and hits stone on Rishab and he collapses. She tells Brahmarakshas to take Rishab quickly as Raina has escaped. Brahmarakshas takes Rishab to Narsimha temple and says he’s going to kill Narsimha in his personal temple and no one will transform Narsimha from right here. He stamps floor and it shakes. Raina and group feels earth shaking and assume it’s earth quake. Ved and Nalin name Rishab and Yug and their telephones don’t seem to be reachable. They listen roaring sound and Phuli says it’s from Narsimha temple. Raina says that suggests Brahmarakshas took Rishab there and informs Daadi that Mohini took them to Narsimha parbat and temple. Nalin says they have got to get out of right here. Daadi says they realize it isn’t earthquake and they have got to succeed in temple. Nalin says he does now not care what occurs to Rishab, he’s simply apprehensive about Yug. Raina says Yug is with Rishab and they have got to succeed in temple first. Villagers succeed in and Lakhan shouts they can not break out. Daadi pleads to spare them. Phuli says all of them know Brahmarakshas is aware of to just unwell. Lakhan shouts she will have to lend a hand them, however she is heling enemies. Raina choices petrol from jeep and drops it on street and units fireplace. She warns Lakhan to lend a hand fact and now not evil. She runs with circle of relatives against temple. Lakhan shouts they can not break out and says sarpanch they have got to head by the use of other course.

Rishab wakes up and sees Brahmarakshas in entrance of him. Brahmarakshas says his brother Yug is already lifeless and begins torturing sadhus. Raina witih circle of relatives reaches temple and sees Yug collapsed on flooring. Nalin shouts to save lots of Yug, now not knowing he’s lifeless. Rishab becomes Narsimha and roars that he’s going to kill Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas holds Raina. Sadhus talk about Raina is Narsimha’s weak spot. Narsimha warns Brahmarakshas to go away Raina. Raina provokes Rishab to keep in mind Brahmarakshas killed such a lot of folks or even Rakhi. Rishab stemps on earth and cracks. Brahmarakshas slips and leaves Raina. Raina falls aside. Brahmarakshas then hits Rishab and he falls down. Rishab wakes up and walks against Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas choices Narsimha’s inexperienced stone and says now he’s going to break stone and Narsimha and throws stone in air. Narsimha turns and Brahmarakshas begins beating Narsimha. Raina runs at the back of stone and searches it in jungle. Phuli says if stone is damaged and forestalls sparkling even Narsimha and Rishab shall be long past. Raina searches stone and unearths it engraved in floor. She calls Phuli and Mitali and says her Rishab shall be stored. They each dig floor and Raina will get stone out and sees its glow fading. She runs again to temple and throws it against Rishab. Brahmarakshas is set to stab Narsimha/Rishab with sword when Narsimha will get up and holds Brahmarakshas’ neck. Raina choices sword and shouts these days Brahmarakshas can be destroyed. She runs and jups and engraves sword into Brahmarakshas chest. Sword slits even Rishab’s shoulder just a little. Brahmarakshas falls down. Raina shouts evil won’t ever win, even though Brahmarakshas needed to face injustice, he will have to now not have killed such a lot of other folks. Brahmarakshas dies. Rishab additionally falls down and collapses. Raina runs against him and will get involved, asks to open his eyes. Family surrounds him. Raina then selections inexperienced stone from havan and assists in keeping it on Rishab’s damage. Injury heals immediately. Raina and circle of relatives will get satisfied seeing wound therapeutic. Narsimha becomes Rishab. Rishab emotionally asks him to open his eyes. He will get up and scolds Raina that Chindi is khatron ki khiladi and dangers her lifestyles for him. She hugs him. He says if she needs to be his spouse, she has to obey him else. Mitali and Daadi ask what else then. Rishab says he does now not know. Ved provides him jacket. Lakhan and villagers input and notice Brahmarakshas lifeless on flooring. Rishab asks Raina to vow that she won’t possibility her lifestyles. She says she is going to promise just one factor that she is going to love him endlessly. They each hug and reminisce all their romantic previous. Mujkho mila…music…performs within the background. They then cling each and every different’s hand and stroll away. Narsimha stone is concentrated.

Serial ends on a favorable word with Raina killing Brahmarakshas and saving Rishab.

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