Bin Kuch Kahe 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Bin Kuch Kahe 8th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Myra reaches Kabeer’s lodge room to speak about about his article challenge and sees him in poor health. She asks what came about to him. He says meals poisoning. She says he will have to name document. He says lodge folks despatched a document and he’s going to be positive. She says they may be able to talk about the venture later. He says he’s nice and rushes to washroom once more. He comes out and discusses about what he wishes in a piece of writing and asks if she has any calls for. She says she won’t paintings extra time, will paintings on her phrases and if she does now not like somebody intefering paintings, will want cost instantly after she submits article. Kabeer consents and asks her to provide her CV. She makes use of his pc and downloads CV on his pc’s desktop . She then shakes palms. He says finally she idea he’s respectable. She leaves and will get into lifestyles and

sees Myra passing against Kabeer’s room.

Riya reaches Kabeer’s room and sees him critically in poor health. He says lodge’s document handled him and he were given extra unwell. Riya calls receptionist and blasts. She then calls her father’s document pal and requests his connection with admit Kabeer. Kabeer says she is ok. Riya says she won’t pay attention and packs his bag. He asks to pack his pc. She sees Myra’s CV on desktop and asks whaat is Myra’s CV doing right here. Kabeer says she had come right here a while in the past. Riya fumes and leavs lodge with Kabeer.

In the night, Myra irons her garments. Sudha comes and asks what she tought about cookery display. Riya says she does now not need to paintings. Sudha says they have got to pay expenses, and so forth. Myra says she were given a contract process and can receives a commission in greenbacks. Sudha asks if she goes in a foreign country. Myra sys no, she is going to work at home in conjunction with her new channel process. Sudha luckily hugs and congratulates her. Myra says she is going to get ready dinner.

Myra serves dinner. Abha joins and asks if Riya ready it. Sudha says desi Madonna does now not have time for all this and is lacking since morning. Abha calls Riya and asks the place is she. Riya says health center and disconnects name. Abha informs Sudha and Myra. Sudha panics why she is in health center. Myra calls Riya, however she does now not pick out name. Abha will get low BP. Myra and Sudha get involved.

Myra comes out and calls Riya again and again, however she does now not pick out name. Nikhil comes and asks what came about, he noticed her from his window. She says Riya knowledgeable that she is in health facility after which didn’t pick out name in any respect, entire circle of relatives is tensed. Riya is so irresponsible. Riya reaches house by the use of taxi and Myra confronts if she has sense or now not, entire circle of relatives is tensed as a result of her. Riya shouts she is so inesensitive. Myra says sure, she is insensitive that she looks after Sudha and Abha and does now not act cool like Riya. Riya shouts close up, why didn’t she get clinical lend a hand for Kabeer when she went to her room. Myra says she requested kabeer, however he stated he’s high quality. Kabeer says he’s going to depart as it’s their private factor. Riya shouts to stick and shouts at Myra that Kabeeer would have died these days. She walks in. Nikhil additionally unfortunately walks out pronouncing Riya used to be with Kabeer.

Precap: Riya tells Abha that she has considered renting retailer room to Kabeer. Myra says Kabeer can not keep right here. Riya says if she is so allergic to Kabeer, then why is she doing freelancing paintings with him.

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