Bin Kuch Kahe 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Bin Kuch Kahe 15th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Myra consoles Aryan and explains him what he did with Kabeer is flawed. She continues her ethical gyaan. Riya joins and says Kabeer ready apple pie for Aryan. Aryan says how does Kabeer know he likes applie pie. Riya says she informed him. Kabeer joins them. Nikhil after assembly Abha walks out. Riya insists him to have meals and pass. Nikhil fumes seeing Kabeer and leaves taunting when Kabeer is there, why he’s wanted. Riya stands perplexed.

Myrya then is going to Abha’s room. Abha applies oil on her hair and braids them. Myra says Nikhil nonetheless loves Riya. Abha tells about Nikhil’s engagement and his process in Denver subsequent month, so she has stored farewell birthday celebration for her. Myra says she is informing all this now, they will have to attempt to patch up between Myra and Riya.

Abha opens store within the

morning. A person comes and sits. Abha says she will simply get him espresso as she simply open eating place. He says it’s k and says he got here to offer her catering order. Abha will get more than happy.

Myra at her place of work takes appointment of a jewellery space proprietor to hide in her way of life phase and says wishes even his private interview for a world newsletter. Owner provides appointment for the next day to come’s night. Shekhawat hears her dialog and angrily calls her to his cabin. He asks if she is operating for any other newsletter. She says it is only a contract paintings. He begins arguing and warns till she works for his newsletter, she can not paintings any place else and needs it in writing. She says she is going to give him letter the next day to come.

Myra reaches cafeteria angrily and tells Abha that she can not paintings with Kabeer tells her about Shekhawat’s restriction. She says she used to be running for cash with Kabeer, then she will have to depart his freelance process. Myra nods good enough unfortunately. Abha informs her about new catering contract. Myra thinks of informing Nikhil and calls him, she confronts how can he now not inform her about his Denver task. He says he sought after to tell. She says Abha were given new catering contract and thank you him for buying Abha into catering industry. She invitations him for dinner for his farewell. He concurs. She tells Abha that Kabeer will get ready gajar halwa for Nikhil now.

Precap: Kabeer says she can not paintings with him henceforth as her boss limited her from running. He asks to test her contract once more, he’s positive there would now not be any clause like that. Riya calls Shekhawat and tells she is going to ship resignation letter. Kabeer later shakes palms with Nikhil says his wedding ceremony ring is lovely and he want to meet the beautiful lady. Nikhil says it’s an engagement ring.

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