Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with vibhu and anita telling tika and tilu that don’t struggle. Tika says this time he’s going to now not let malkhan break out his beating. Vibhu says you’ll beat malkhan? And malkhan is one of these just right good friend of yours and now all of sudden now you are going to beat him? Tika says sure I will be able to beat him. Vibhu says why? He is your pal and he were given a role be offering to dubai however did he move? No. he stated I cant depart my pal tika, and notice his love for you.
There malkhan says I will be able to now not depart tika and beat him nowadays. Tiwari says oh close up and tika is your very best good friend and the way are you able to do that? Why are you beating him? Over this silly struggle? Anguri says tika didn’t marry 2 women as a result of he stated you’ll be left on my own and you wish to have to overcome him? Malkhan says do 1 factor and provides me that woman’s quantity and

I will be able to marry her. Tiwari and anguri are uninterested and Tiwari asks what’s your drawback saxena? Saxena says I don’t have any drawback and It’s not that i am in any gang however I’m right here simply to get beating from they all. Saxena says I adore it.
There anguri and anita take a seat at a brand new tea stall and now not within the colony in order that each the gangs don’t struggle. Anita and anguri are in burkha and anita says what to do about those tika and malkhan and prem, saxena and tilu too? They all are preventing. Anguri says that they had no explanation why to battle they usually all are preventing over us and supporting our facets however we have been simply appearing. Anita says sure, even vibhu and Tiwari were given crushed once more. Anita and anguri put burkha again as Tiwari and vibhu are available burkha and take a seat. Tiwari tells vibhu what to do? And even this time we were given crushed. Vibhu says sure I’m bored to death of those boys and why are they even preventing? Vibhu says I feel our better halves are simply appearing in entrance folks and in fact they will have to have put those boys to overcome us. Anguri then says from burkha now not we didn’t do it. Tiwari and vibhu say it feels like anguri. Anguri says it’s me handiest and gets rid of burkha, anita additionally gets rid of. Vibhu and Tiwari are surprised and say what are you doing right here? They say we got here right here to get an answer and if truth be told we have been appearing of all this battle as a result of we needed to convey you each again for your senses. Vibhu and Tiwari say sure however now you each have created a multitude. Anita says I’ve a plan and calls jagdishu ji from lucknow who’s a attorney and tells him to return rapid to Kanpur.
There in a side road, tilu and tika are there and tika says just right nowadays we’re within the open and I will be able to take malkhan. Tilu says k however I will be able to take saxena and that prem. Suddenly prem malkhan and saxena come strolling. They all prevent after which take a look at tika and tilu. Prem says lately we’re within the open and shall we come to a decision who is robust sufficient. Saxena says boys assault they usually all struggle. Actor Akshay kumar because the attorney jagdishu ji and he’s in scooter. Akshay stops and says don’t battle and prevent everybody. Tilu says who’re you to prevent us? Akshay as jagdishu says will have to I train you who I’m? Tilu says you are going to train us? Everyone laughs, akshay will get down after which beats everybody there. All of them fall at his legs and say we’re sorry very sorry. Anita and anguri include vibhu and Tiwari. Anita says I used to be speaking about those boys they usually battle on a regular basis. Vibhu and Tiwari introduce them. Akshay says oh you’re that man vibhu who all the time washes utensils and garments and tells Tiwari you’re the one on whom there were 2-three instances in your undergarment high quality. Akshay then tells tilu that in case you have any case towards tiwari for now not giving your wage, take my card and phone me. Tilu is going. Akshay then tells tika and malkhan that you simply each don’t battle and move house now and if there’s a drawback then take my card. He tells prem too that he smuggles and if he’s ever stuck name me. Prem is going, saxena says I simply sign up for them to get beating. Akshay then slaps saxena, and he rotates such a lot of occasions that he says I don’t love it. akshay says that what I’m pronouncing and all the time you wish to have a beating however its now not just right. Saxena says sure and is going.
Then akshay says I’ve paintings nevertheless it used to be great assembly you all, anita anguri and Tiwari vibhu greet akshay and akshay kumar then takes his scooter and is going selling his movie jolly llb 2. Anita and anguri say after all the battle is over and shall we move and feature meals and snacks this night.
At night time in vibhu garden, vibhu Tiwari anguri and anita are sitting. Anguri says its just right to peer nobody is preventing. Vibhu says now I and Tiwari have transform very best pals. Anita says sure that’s great. Tiwari says however anyway this struggle all began as a result of you vibhu. Vibhu seems at him and says its no ones mistake and the error is of pandit ramfal. Tiwari will get indignant and says why do you all the time deliver pandit ramfal in between? Vibhu says since you teased me, Tiwari says then I will be able to talk about your dad too. They each struggle and hang their collars. Anita and anguri say they are going to by no means behave correctly. Both of them as Tiwari and vibhu move.

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