Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th March 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with anita in corridor and the lads and vibhu too. Suddenly bell rings and its Tiwari out of doors with a bucket of water. Inside anita is surprised and she or he thinks Tiwari has come now perhaps. Teeli’s brother opens the door and Tiwari with out seeing throws the water on him and says satisfied holi. Then Tiwari sees its teelis brother and says sorry and runs away. Brother and his guy run at the back of Tiwari.
Inside anita and vibhu are there and anita says what is that this nonsense and this all has grow to be an excessive amount of, I need to play holi and cant play as a result of those goons. Vibhu says this time let anything else occur however you’ll play holi.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there and tika says malkhan as a result of us nobody can play holi or even I need to play holi. Malkhan says sure we shouldn’t

have teased teeli’s female friend and notice what a punishment that is. Saxena comes and has colour on his frame and is enjoying holi. Tika and malkhan says what are you doing saxena? And do you wish to have to get crushed via the ones males? Don’t play holi. Saxena says what? Beating? Yes I really like beatings and I need to get crushed. Saxena then is going at the back of and places colour on tika and malkhan and runs. Tika and malkhan say we will have to move and alter rapid sooner than the ones males see us. Suddenly the ones males come and prevent tika and malkhan, tika malkhan cry and say we didn’t play holi and saxena put colour on us and ran away. The males say close up and now we will be able to play holi with you, they beat tika and malkhan.
There happu singh is going at anita and vibhu’s space. He sits and tells bhabhiji I’ve an concept and if nobody is authorized to play holi out of doors we will be able to play inside of and that approach even I will be able to get to play holi. Anita says how are we able to play inside of? Happu says shall we attempt to I will be able to convey colours as I will be able to disguise them in my kurta. Happu is going.
There Tiwari is at house and he says what a multitude that is and the ones goons beat me, how do I eliminate them? Anguri says why don’t everybody battle with them? Tiwari says teeli is an impressive guy and as a result of him we cant play. Tiwari says get me poison and I will be able to best die. Anguri says don’t say that and do something positive about the ones males. Anguri is going in kitchen. Tilu come and sits beside Tiwari. Tiwari says what do you wish to have now? Tilu says I do know that teeli pehelwan and he’s a chum. Tiwari says what? Tilu then says I got here right here for my salaray, he places his hand in tiwari’s pocket and gets rid of all cash. Twiari says son stay some please and I don’t have any cash at house. tilu says close up don’t lie and you have got so much on your locker. Tilu is going out of doors strolling to house, Tiwari tries to prevent him, within the garden tilu says through the best way satisfied holi, he places colour on tiwari’s face and is going. Tiwari says shit what did he do. Suddenly teeli’s males come and notice Tiwari and say what is that this? Tiwari says that tilu my servant put colour on me and I didn’t play holi. The males say we will be able to play holi now, they beat Tiwari.
There teeli’s males are out of doors anita’s space gate and happu is available in white kurta. The males say wait the place are you going? Happu says I want to me anita as I want her lend a hand in a case. The males say no we will be able to test you first, the lads take away happu’s garments and happu says see not anything is there. Then teeri gets rid of happu’s undergarment too and the packets of colour cave in. Happu is surprised.
Anita is inside of and vibhu too, the doorbell rings and door is knocked. Vibhu is going and opens. Happu covers himself with flower pot and is going and hides at the back of settee. Anita screams and says the place are your garments? Happu says the ones males got rid of it. vibhu says give him an previous saree and he’s going to put on and pass. Anita says sure i’ve one I will be able to give that. Happu is surprised.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there once more and saxena once more comes from at the back of and places colour and says I love it. tika and malkhan say why did you do that? And the ones males will beat us once more. Suddenly the lads come. Tika and malkhan say saxena put colour on us and we didn’t play holi. Saxena says sure I did and beat me. The males say why do we beat you and get misplaced. the lads then beat tika and malkhan. Saxena sees and says I adore it.

Precap: alia bhatt and varun dhawan come to advertise their film badrinath ki dulhania.

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