Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with vibhu and Tiwari consuming in their very own homes garden. And there’s a white line constructed from powder in between the homes on side road and this separates vibhu and anita’s space. Vibhu comes close to the road and says Tiwari give me some snacks. Anguri and anita come of their balcony and anita says vibhu why are you hanging your hand within the enemy territory? Vibhu says what have I completed? Anita says how dare you set your hand in that territory. Anguri tells Tiwari don’t you dare give the enemy peanuts and snacks. Tiwari says k then vibhu see I will be able to put the peanuts at the floor and you are taking it, vibhu takes the peanuts and eats. Then they each take a seat and drink beside the road. Anguri makes eye indicators to anita and says do one thing. Anita says it’s the road of keep an eye on and vibhu

these days I will be able to now not take you in the home. Anita says anguri in eye indicators that you simply additionally say. Anguri then does indignant appearing and says sure Tiwari I will be able to now not take you too. Both anguri and anita pass. Tiwari and vibhu say now they each went so shall we are available each and every different’s territory. Both get started dancing in each and every different’s territory.
Next day at tea stall, happu singh is there and prem comes on his scooty and sits and says happu how dare you are taking gulfam to observe film? Happu says who the hell are you to inform me? And I will be able to take gulfam kali once more and she or he herself got here with me and it used to be our each consent and is she your house that you’re getting indignant. Prem says sure most effective I will be able to take her to a film and she or he is my assets. Vibhu comes and says what came about? Happu tells vibhu that prem is indignant as a result of happu took gulfam kali for a film. Vibhu says what’s your drawback prem? Prem says you close up and gulfam is my assets I will be able to take her. Tiwari additionally comes. Vibhu says this type of reasonable guy you’re prem and you have got four youngsters and a spouse and take into accounts them why do you roam with such reasonable ladies? Tiwari says now not most effective prem, this happu singh too is reasonable and he roams with that lady too and he has nine youngsters and a spouse he will have to take into consideration this too. Sometimes I think I will be able to take away his uniform and throw him away. Happu takes his guide and says I will be able to see you Tiwari and he is going. Prem takes his scooty and says I will be able to now not forgive you vibhu and he is going too. Vibhu and Tiwari take a seat and say we got rid of our anger on better halves on them. Tiwari then says I will be able to attempt to persuade anguri and also you too do. Vibhu says sure.
At night time anita and anguri talk on telephone and anguri says how used to be my appearing? Anita says excellent anguri and it felt such as you have been in reality preventing so your appearing used to be superior. Anguri says perhaps Tiwari is coming I feel, anita says sure even vibhu is coming and I will be able to stay telephone however our actual struggle will occur lately. Vibhu comes and anita says why do you communicate to Tiwari? Vibhu says child please prevent this struggle.
There Tiwari tells anguri that she is so stunning and why does she battle? And anguri you’ve gotten pink cheeks like cushy tomatoes. Anguri says from tomatoes I take into account anita referred to as my members of the family the ones bugs that have been within the tomatoes. And I will be able to now not depart her, anguri takes telephone and calls anita. Tiwari says please don’t and tries preventing. Anita there choices the telephone and vibhu additionally tries preventing her. Again anita and anguri get started preventing and abusing and calling names to one another.
Next day at tea stall, Tiwari and vibhu come and tika and malkhan come and take a seat. Vibhu says why didn’t you persuade anguri? Tiwari says guy I attempted such a lot however she in flip hit me. Vibhu says similar came about right here. Tiwari says why does anita struggle with anguri? Vibhu says bring it to mind used to be in reality anguri’s mistake despite the fact that I’m sorry to mention that however angrui threw the tomatoes in entrance of anita. Tiwari says however anita also known as anguri’s members of the family the ones bugs. Tika and malkhan struggle in this matter the place tika helps anita and malkhan helps anguri and says it used to be anita’s mistake first, tika says no it used to be anguri’s they usually get started preventing after which punching and beating each and every different. Both throw each and every different on floor and battle. Vibhu and twiari take a look at them after which at each and every different.
In kitchen anguri is there and she or he says when will vibhu come so I get started appearing once more. Vibhu comes and says bhabhiji It’s not that i am your enemy and please finish this battle. Anguri says I will be able to now not communicate to my enemy’s husband. Vibhu says please don’t name me enemy and we’re pals and on a regular basis you sing songs right here. Saxena and malkhan come and saxena says vibhu you’re shameless and now the enemy of anguri so don’t hassle her. Vibhu tries to slap saxena however malkhan stops and says why are you hitting a psychological? And struggle with me. Vibhu says you’ll battle with me? And you don’t seem to be that value. Malkhan overpowers vibhu and says shall we beat him lately and saxena and malkhan beat vibhu.
There anita is purchasing plant life at a flower store and Tiwari comes and says give just right flora to anita differently I will be able to throw your store. Anita says no want to intrude. Tiwari says we’re pals so I used to be simply serving to you. anita says I don’t want any lend a hand from my enemy’s husband. Tiwari says please don’t name me enemy. Anita says you’re my enemy and you are going to be my enemy. Tiwari cries and sits and says as an alternative god you will have killed me. Anita says then move die. Tiwari will get up surprised. Vibhu comes injured and crushed. Tika and tilu come and say vibhu those that beat you’re our enemies. Anita says vibhu who did this? Vibhu says malkhan and saxena and tika and tilu pass beat them. Tika and tilu say no they’re enemies however they’re at the aspect of Tiwari so he’s going to get beating. Tiwari will get scared.

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