Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with vibhu and Tiwari within the garden of vibhus space consuming and consuming snacks. Tiwari then asks vibhu what did anita see in you that she married you? vibhu says what she noticed is intelligence, skill, my handsomeness and a large number of issues. Vibhu says via the best way what did anguri see in you? Tiwari says she noticed 1 factor however I will be able to now not say that right here. Tiwari says I’ve by no means noticed your father.

Vibhu says you don’t even want to as you don’t also have a actual father and one thing is fishy with pandit ramfal. Tiwari will get indignant and says why did you are taking ramfal’s identify? vibhu says since you took my fathers identify. vibhu and Tiwari get started preventing loudly and abusing each and every different. Anita and anguri come. They take their husbands in.

At house anita tells vibhu what used to be that? And why does he all the time struggle and abuse Tiwari? Vibhu says Tiwari began first. Anita says that you simply say everytime. There anguri says similar to Tiwari and says as a result of those fights you’ve gotten stopped loving me. Tiwari says no its now not that and that vibhu all the time begins first and teases me. Anguri says I will be able to name mother and ask her to invite pandit ramfal about this answer that you’re changing into indignant at the present time. Tiwari snatches the telephone and screams loudly and says what the hell is that this? And why are you taking that pandit’s identify? you are going to now not name mother. Tiwari thinks vibhu took the identify of pandit ramfal and why did he? I will be able to name him and ask.

There vibhu is on mattress and Tiwari calls vibhu and says why did you are taking the identify of pandit ramfal? Vibhu comes within the balcony and says its tiwaris telephone. Anita tries preventing however sleeps. Vibhu and Tiwari are of their balconies and vibhu says as a result of you’re the illegitimate son of ramfal. Tiwari will get very indignant and each get started preventing and abusing each and every different.

Tiwari throws slippers and vibhu throws it again. Next day morning, anita and anguri rise up, they’re nonetheless listening to vibhu and Tiwari preventing within the balcony they usually pop out and are surprised to peer this and Tiwari and vibhu are nonetheless preventing and teasing each and every different. Anita and anguri are each surprised and move.


At house anita is speaking on telephone with meenal and says vibhu has turn into so conceited and he assists in keeping on preventing with our neighbor Tiwari and the day prior to this the entire night time until morning he used to be preventing with Tiwari. Anguri comes and sits. Anita assists in keeping telephone and says how are you? anguri says what do you assume? I’m unhappy as a result of those day by day fights and Tiwari has transform very conceited and doesn’t pay attention. Anita says as though vibhu does. Anguri says assume one thing anita and convey an concept. Anita says sure we need to.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there they usually ask stall proprietor for tea however he doesn’t reply. Tika says he has transform impolite. Vibhu and Tiwari come and take a seat.


Malkhan says what came about vibhu and Tiwari? Did anguri and anita take away you from space? Tika and malkhan giggle. Vibhu will get up and takes malkhan and beats him very badly. Malkhan sits In ache. Tiwari will get up and gets rid of all anger on tika and beats him. Tika and malkhan pass making a song music. Vibhu then tells tiara that see Tiwari we each all the time struggle and I’ve been considering that as a result of our fights our better halves turn out to be so unhappy and depressed and we shouldn’t battle like this.

Tiwari says sure I feel that too and shall we promise each and every different we wont battle even though we teas each and every different and I will be able to now not react even though you tease me by way of the identify pandit ramfal. Vibhu says even I wont react even though you kick me at the butt. Tiwari says sure? And will get up and kicks vibhu. Vibhu sits and says see I didn’t react, vibhu then teases Tiwari via ramfal. Tiwari additionally doesn’t react they usually hug each and every different and develop into pals. Vibhu then takes a selfie.

At house vibhu and Tiwari are there at vibhus space they usually each are giggling and clicking selfies. Anita comes and vibhu says see who has come house. anita says is he salman khan that I take a look at him? Suddenly angrui comes and throws a bowl of tomatoes at the flooring in entrance of anita. noth Tiwari and vibhu rise up.

Anita is surprised and says what did you do anguri? Angrui speaks loudly and angrily and says you gave me tomatoes with bugs and I do know you wish to have my and tiwaris stomachs dangerous. anita says why would I do this? And don’t blame and also you most effective took tomatoes from me like a beggar. Anguri says what? You referred to as me beggar? And you’re beggar and you are taking sugar from me all the time and in addition ghee and I don’t says anything else however you gave me tomatoes with bugs.

Anita says the ones bugs are your members of the family. Anguri could be very surprised and says you referred to as my circle of relatives bugs? And you’re the ones inexperienced worms in woman finger. Anita says what? And she will get indignant and calls anguri by way of names. Twiari and vibhu are frightened and take a look at preventing the struggle however in useless. Anguri says loudly tiwari in case you come right here once more then I will be able to throw you out of the home. Anita says similar to vibhu. Angrui takes Tiwari and is going.

Precap: Tiwari and vibhu meet secretly in the street to speak about anita and anguri’s battle. Anita and anguri see from balcony. Anita says vibhu you’ll now not come house this night as you met that Tiwari who isn’t our pal. Anguri says to Tiwari even you’ll now not come house lately as you secretly met vibhu.

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