Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with anita and vibhu within the bed room and vibhu says anita from the next day to come I will be able to train everybody hockey. Anita says sure and I’m so pleased with you. vibhu says I think like romance now and anita come on. Anita says o my god what are you doing trainer? Vibhu says trainer? That I’m at the box and now not right here. Anita says no you are going to be the trainer for me till we win this fit and I cant romance with my trainer and sleep beside him so I will be able to move down and sleep and till we win we need to pass like this. Anita takes her pillows and blanket and is going down. Vibhu says why does this all the time occur with me?
Next day morning at 6 am everybody come in the street with hockey sticks. Anguri comes and happu singh says the place is anita Bhabhi? Anita comes jogging. Tiwari says she got here and says just right

morning. Anita says just right morning and anguri asks you were given up early? Anita says sure I were given up at five am in order that I may just heat up by way of jogging. Tiwari says the place is our trainer vibhu? Anita says sure I will be able to name him and he could also be coming. Anita takes her telephone and calls vibhu, he says trainer the place are you and everyone seems to be ready? Anita then says k come trainer, she assists in keeping the telephone. Anita says trainer will come now.
There at door, vibhu comes with a cup of espresso and his hockey stick and he sits at the wall. Everyone say just right morning trainer. Tiwari then says that vibhu what is that this? We all got here right here at 6 and you return so past due? Vibhu says how are you talking for your trainer? And you’re appearing too sensible. Now move take 10 rounds and should you say anything else I will be able to building up the rounds. Tiwari says however, vibhu says now take 15 rounds, Tiwari says however, vibhu says no 20 rounds. Anita says move Tiwari, Tiwari is going.
Vibhu says so now we will be able to come to a decision who will play what. Vibhu broadcasts anita because the captain. He then says that tika you are going to play goalkeeper and malkhan the middle ahead and saxena left ahead. Vibhu says happu singh you’ll do observation as you don’t glance value anything else. Vibhu says now everybody move take 10 rounds of the city move. Everyone move jogging. Anguri says what do I do trainer? Vibhu says we will be able to talk in code language which I taught you the day before today? Anguri says sure and says sweetheart. Vibhu says sure. Vibhu says so are you in a position? Anguri provides flying kiss. Vibhu will get satisfied.
At house Tiwari has put his legs in a scorching water bucket and anguri says vibhu is our sweetheart. Tiwari will get indignant and says close up he’s reasonable center. Anguri says he taught me to name him sweetheart. Tiwari will get indignant and says what? And simply close up and convey me meals I’m hungry and don’t name him sweetheart. Anguri calls mother, Tiwari says I’m sorry stay the telephone and convey meals please. Anguri says k and is going to deliver meals. Anguri comes again with meals and assists in keeping it on desk. Tiwari says i sought after to drink sugarcane juice, anguri smiles and says me too. Vibhu comes and says you stated what Tiwari? Sugarcane juice? Not in any respect and the way dare you consume tis oily meals? Go presently and take 10 rounds come on. Tiwari says what? Why? Vibhu says move now or I will be able to take away you from the staff through telling anita. Tiwari says no don’t I will be able to pass, Tiwari is going. Vibhu then says anguri communicate in code language. Anguri says sure sweetheart. Vibhu will get satisfied and says are you in a position then? Anguri provides flying kiss, vibhu says I will be able to earth that meals.
At house anita is there and she or he says everybody is operating so onerous however vibhu isn’t making angrui do anything else. Vibhu comes and sits. Anita says trainer you made everybody paintings onerous and everybody is operating arduous and they’re sweating exhausting for the workforce however anguri isn’t running arduous. Why? Vibhu says in reality I’m the use of making plans right here and if we need to make donkeys run a horse’s race then what is going to we do? Anita says deal with the donkeys like horses. Vibhu says sure and right here anguri is that animal and she or he needs to be handled psychologically in order that later she doesn’t put a objective on our aspect. Anita is inspired and says wow this is clever.

Precap: tika falls subconscious at the tea stall and happu singh and malkhan check out waking him up as malkhan cries.

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