Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with Tiwari and happu singh in tiwaris garden. Happu singh says howdy Tiwari? Tiwari says not anything and at the present time so much is being stated about you in Kanpur. Happu will get satisfied and says what? So I’m being favored? Tiwari says no mister and the scoop has come these days in newspaper that you’re probably the most corrupt policeman in Kanpur and take bribe from all. Happu is surprised and he reads the paper and says why are other folks all the time at the back of me? And I’ve finished such a lot just right paintings for the town. Tiwari says you haven’t completed any and you’re a no.1 bribing policeman and probably the most corrupt and coward. Suddenly tika and malkhan include anita who’s harm on her ankle and she or he falls down. Twiari and happu say oh my god what came about? Anguri comes and asks what came about too? Anita says in reality

I used to be coming from the neighboring the city and there the men have been enjoying hockey, their ball hit my ankle and I were given harm and once I faced them to not play there they stated they’re going to play and if she needs them to head from there then inform her the city folks to defeat them in a fit and they’re going to move. Happu says so we need to play a fit towards them? Anita says sure. Vibhu listens this from inside of the home hiding. Tika and malkhan say sure bhabhiji we will be able to play hockey. Tiwari says I will be able to do no matter anita needs. Saxena comes and takes anitas blessings and says even he’s going to play hockey and he says I love it. anita says first they want a trainer. Vibhu listens this and says I will be able to be the trainer and galvanize anguri and train her too. Vibhu is going inside of and takes the telephone and acts like he’s speaking to any person at the telephone. Anita is available in harm. She listens what vibhu says.
Vibhu tells sure sir however I keep in mind that day from faculty when I used to be harm and used to be the trainer of our hockey workforce in class however our sir didn’t permit me to play once I were given harm on my leg and he got rid of me from faculty handiest as a result of they misplaced the fit. I used to be very unhappy and because then I haven’t performed hockey and I wont ever. Anita comes and says no vibhu, vibhu assists in keeping telephone. Anita says you by no means advised me you have been the champion of hockey. Vibhu says that I used to be in class however now I don’t play hockey. Anita says you must as a result of we’d like a champion such as you because the neighboring the city boys challenged our the city and we’d like a trainer. Vibhu says I’m sorry child however I cant play hockey as I’ve some sour moments with the sport. Anita says please be courageous vibhu and we’d like you as you need to make us win towards the ones boys from the opposite the city and I swear you on me. Vibhu says k now that you simply put your swear I will be able to play however you’ll inform everybody to not question me any questions and in the event that they do I will be able to now not train someone. Anita says k that can be accomplished.
In kitchen anguri is cooking and making a song. Vibhu comes and says bhabhiji Tiwari isn’t value that track of yours. Anguri says what did you assert? Vibhu says not anything and it kind of feels one thing is converting in you. anguri says what? Vibhu says you appear to be rising fats and you wish to have to shed your wight. Anguri says in reality? Then I will be able to move on a nutrition. Vibhu says no no, I will be able to train you workouts now that I’m the trainer of our the city’s hockey staff. Anguri says actually? Vibhu says sure so you return and I will be able to train you. anguri says k.
At tea stall, Tiwari happu singh saxena and tika malkhan are there. Happu says all of us will play hockey however who will train us? Saxena says I will be able to revel in enjoying hockey and I additionally need a beating from the neighboring boys with hockey sticks, saxena says I love it. Tiwari says oh close up. Anita comes with vibhu and sits. Anita says guys the issue is solved and we were given a champion trainer of hockey for our workforce. Tiwari says what? Who is it? anita says proper in entrance of you. Tiwari and happu say the place? Vibhu says glance right here, I’m the trainer. Tiwari laughs and everybody does. Tiwari says you? do you even know anything else about hockey and you’ll train us now? Anita says everybody pay attention, you don’t know what a participant my husband is and he’s going to train you all hockey. Tiwari says however vibhu is jobless and because when did he? Vibhu says child I’m going and inform them to not question me silly questions in a different way I will be able to depart. Anita says sure and says Tiwari simply close up and vibhu will train you all hockey. Tiwari says k and says however vibhu you had broom stick and mop for your hand and because when did you get a hockey stick? Vibhu will get as much as move however anita stops him and says tiwari please do what vibhu says in a different way he would possibly depart and we will be able to lose. Happu says tiwari you close up and vibhu is our trainer. Vibhu says so guys day after today everybody will come at 6 within the morning and we will be able to get started our follow. Saxena says I love it.

Precap: everyone seems to be in the street at 6 am. Vibhu comes past due and Tiwari says you referred to as us at 6 am and also you got here past due, what is that this? Vibhu says how dare you question me Tiwari.

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