Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

The episode begins with anita at house in bed room and vibhu is studying a ebook, anita thinks vibhu by no means romances with me. She says vibhu come on shall we romance. Vibhu says no now not now I’m studying a guide. Anita says this guy is needless.

In bed room, anguri is there and she or he is writing sher’s. anguri says Tiwari does now not take a look at me and lately I will be able to learn those sher and make him love me. Tiwari comes and sits and says pricey anguri what are you doing? Anguri says I used to be writing sher for you and will have to I say? Tiwari says sure, anguri says some three shers and Tiwari appreciates her and says now prevent and let me no less than benefit from the three shers you stated. Anguri says I will be able to can help you in that, she will get up and closes the curtains after which involves Tiwari. She begins making a song a romantic track and Tiwari and anguri

dance on it romantically after which romance.

Next day in garden vibhu is sitting and studying newspaper. He then reads a information pronouncing there’s a new baba on the town referred to as fongi baba and he provides mantras which will flip somebody into anything else you wish to have. Vibhu thinks wow this baba is of use and I shall move to him nowadays itself as I want a mantre too.

At the baba’s position, the baba tells his assistant that no buyer has come and she or he put the object within the newspaper proper? Assistant says sure sir I put it proper. Vibhu then says baba are you there? And he is available in and sits. Baba says sure son what do you wish to have? Tiwari is hiding and gazing. Vibhu says baba there’s a rat in my space and I want to throw it away and it doesn’t pass so give me a mantra that may convert the rat right into a pigeon in order that it flies away. Baba says I will be able to provide the mantra however you need to give me 2000rs as charges. Vibhu says I’ve handiest 400, baba says k give and takes it. he provides vibhu the chant. Tiwari hiding laughs and says he were given fooled however now I will be able to tach him a lesson.

In kitchen vibhu is sitting at the kitchen platform and he says rat pop out rat the place are you? Tiwari comes out of doors kitchen window and says giggling what are you doing? Vibhu says I’m going to show the rat into pigeon in order that it flies away, I took the chant from fongi baba. Tiwari says you’re trained and the way are you able to consider such issues? Vibhu says you close up and move do your paintings. Tiwari is going. Vibhu then closes his eyes and says the chant, Tiwari comes with a plant and assists in keeping it and on it assists in keeping his spectacles and pants and blouse and sits down in his undergarments. Vibhu then sees the rat didn’t trade. He then sees the plant and says who stored this? And why are tiwaris assets right here? From down Tiwari says you dumb guy its me and also you became me right into a plant as an alternative of that rat right into a pigeon. Vibhu says what is that this you? Tiwari cries and says sure. Vibhu cries and says h my god what did I do? I’m in point of fact sorry and I think very accountable Tiwari I’m very sorry. Tiwari close up and take me to the baba for an answer now. Vibhu takes the plant and is going. Tiwari laughs.

In corridor anita comes and says did you take away the rat vibhu? Vibhu says now not but and I will be able to when I come again. Anita says you’re needless and also you cant do 1 paintings correctly. Vibhu says It’s not that i am in a temper to argue, vibhu is going with the plant. Anita says why is he caught with that plant such a lot?

There vibhu is going to the baba. There Tiwari is hiding and staring at. Vibhu says baba the chant you gave me became my neighbor Tiwari right into a plant and now not that rat. Baba is surprised and tells his assistant softly that we ae frauds and the way did that mantra even flip his good friend right into a plant? Tiwari says do one thing. Baba is surprised and says is that this you talking? Tiwari says sure. Vibhu says baba do one thing. Baba says give me that mantra and I will be able to name you later and move now. Vibhu says k and provides him the chant and is going with the plant.

At tea stall, tika and malkhan are preventing and malkhan says I beloved that woman and why did you pass to her? Tika says you handiest went and I really like her from the beginning. Both get started beating each and every different and preventing. Vibhu comes with the plant and tika and malkhan hit the plant too and say get apart. Vibhu says how did you even hit the plant? Vibhu slaps them five occasions and choices the plant and is going. Tiwari makes noise I were given harm, vibhu says don’t fear I will be able to do one thing.

At house there anguri is telling happu singh and writing whinge to seek out Tiwari as since lot of time he hasn’t come house. happu says the place did he pass? And don’t fear I will be able to in finding him. Vibhu comes with the plant and is in tears as he sees anguri. He tells anguri don’t whinge and Tiwari is right here handiest. Anguri says sure however the place is he? And he hasn’t come hom but. Vibhu thinks how do I inform her? He whispers to the plant don’t fear we will be able to do one thing. Happu says Bhabhi ji I will be able to in finding Tiwari. Vibhu is going out with the plant and says Tiwari ji I will be able to do something positive about this. Tiwari is at the back of wall and laughs.

At saxenas house at night time, Tiwari knocks the door and is going inside of and closes door. saxena says why did you return right here? Tiwari says please let me keep right here one night time. Saxena says so that you got here right here to sleep, get misplaced. Tiwari says please let me. Saxena says once I ask you for allow you to folks display me your backs however It’s not that i am such as you and k keep this night, Tiwari says don’t inform somebody I’m right here please. Suddenly happu knocks the door and says saxena open the door. tiwari says cover me someplace please now. Saxena says take a seat down upside and here’s the bedsheet, you’ll appear to be a desk and nobody will know. Tiwari does as stated. Saxena opens the door, happu comes and sits on Tiwari. Happu says I used to be finidng Tiwari and did you in finding him any place? Saxena says no. happu says wow this desk could be very great and cushy. Saxena says its 10000 years previous and vintage that’s why. Saxena says I will be able to deliver water and is going in, happu is going at the back of and says wait. Tiwari gets rid of bedsheet and says why did this guy come, he is going away. Happu comes out with water glass and saxena too. Happu says the place did the desk move? He is surprised. Saxena says it will probably stroll as it’s vintage. Saxena says I adore it.

In bed room, vibhu is sitting with the plant and anita comes and says shall we romance. Vibhu says no Tiwari will see it. anita says how will he see it? vibhu says I intended he’s going to see from his window. Anita says that wont occur. Anita begins dancing on dil dhak dhak track with vibhu and she or he additionally gets rid of her jacket. Vibhu covers the plant. Then anita says vibhu what’s with this plant? And move throw it out. Vibhu says sorry I cant do this. Anita says why? I stated move throw it out presently. Vibhu says it is going to sleep with us. Anita says are you mad? Anita says both throw it or get misplaced with it. vibhu says what? Anita says learn my lips and says get misplaced. vibhu is going with plant in garden. Anguri comes from her door and involves vibhu within the garden. She says Tiwari has now not come but and I cant sleep with out him. vibhu says Tiwari is right here most effective. Tiwari there hides at the back of wall. Anguri says what do you imply? Tiwari then says he method I’m the plant. Anguri is surprised and says what? Tiwari says sure and he took a mantra from a baba for throwing away a rat however as an alternative became me right into a plant. Anita is surprised and will get indignant and says vibhu I hate you. vibhu cries and says I’m sorry. From balcony anita says Tiwari what are you doing at the back of the wall? Vibhu says wall? He is right here? Anita says close up and Tiwari pop out of the wall. Tiwari will get up and appears at vibhu. Anita says what they do they just know, she is going. Anguri says Tiwari is right here and says I will be able to organize garments for you and are available house, she is going. Tiwari seems to be at vibhu and laughs. Vibhu says you lied. Tiwari sings a music and is going.

Precap: vibhu tells Tiwari in entrance of anguri that anguri thinks he seems like don in white kurta and black goggles however you appear to be a thug. Vibhu laughs.

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