Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with Tiwari and anita and everybody doing the drama. Anguri who’s anarkali says I really like somebody else and now not the either one of you. salim and akbar say who’s that? Anarkali says its baban singh, baban singh is malkhan who’s the guard. Malkhan comes ahead. Salim says oh my god, I assumed you can be my princess however you’ve gotten fallen to the usual of my slippers. Anita says I would like divorce from akbar. The boss says that is out of limits and says prevent this everybody. Everyone take a look at him and says who is that this? Boss says come on beat everybody. They take sticks and begins beating everybody. Everyone will get crushed except for ladies. Saxena says I adore it.
At night time vibhu and anita are in room and vibhu is in ache. Anita says what does that guy bring to mind himself? and the way may just he beat

someone. Vibhu says depart it they’re bad other folks. Anita says how depart it? and I will be able to now not take a seat quiet as india is a republic nation and we will be able to do what we would like, who’s he to let us know that we’re insulting historical past? Anita says I will be able to whinge to the commissioner. Vibhu says anita they’re very bad other folks and let it’s now. The telephone rings and vibhu takes it, it’s the boss and he says you’re all going to pay for what you might have achieved. Anita takes the telephone and says see mister we didn’t harm you so don’t act sensible and we will be able to do anything else we would like until we harm somebody, who’re you to let us know? Vibhu takes the telephone and says forgive me sir and I’m sorry, forgive everybody and we wont insult historical past once more. Boss says however you wil keep pay for what you all have executed. He assists in keeping telephone.; anita says why did you says sorry? Vibhu says please close up now.
At house anguri brings drugs for Tiwari and tells take this your ache will pass. Tiwari says the ones goons beat me so dangerous and what he used to be pronouncing about historical past? And what does he even know? Anguri says sure the play used to be great and what did we do this he beat everybody? Anguri says I will be able to deliver ice, she is going. The door knocks, Tiwari opens, the boss is there with all his males they usually pull Tiwari out. Anguri comes and sees the place is Tiwari? They throw Tiwari again in the home and pass. Tiwari’s face has been blacked with grease.
Next day anguri is watering crops, and vibhu comes coated in blanket. Angrui says I don’t have cash move forward. Vibhu says its me bhabhiji and now not a beggar. Anguris says ohh sorry. Vibhu says the ones goons beat everybody so bd and what’s their drawback? Anguri says sure, now we wont even get to visit London. Vibhu says who stated? We will pass to London and don’t fear about that. Anguri will get excited and says sure then it’s going to be a laugh.
At house anita is chatting with meenal on telephone and vibhu comes and sits and is in ache. Anita says I will be able to stay the telephone as vibhu is in ache. Vibhu says what can we do? And it has came about like a curfew and all of us who acted on this play cant even step out. Tiwari and anguri come and anguri says the previous day the ones males got here they usually put grease on tiwari’s face too. They are too bad. Anita says we will whinge within the police. Outside in the street the lads come and the boss has tika and malkhan. They say you each have been calling the king proper? And now see what we do. They get started beating tika and malkhan. Inside the home everybody pay attention the sound and vibhu and everybody come to the door. they listen tika and malkhan getting crushed.
There happu singh comes at the scooter and forestalls. The males prevent and happu is scared. Boss says you have been that darmiyan proper? Happu singh says who? Me? No. in reality it will have to be somebody else, happu singh runs. All the lads run at the back of happu singh. Vibhu anita and Tiwari anguri pop out of the home and notice tika and malkhan at the floor. Vibhu says did you get harm? Both of them take a look at vibhu angrily after which rise up and move making a song songs. Vibhu says they’re very sure boys. Suddenly happu singh and tika malkhan come operating and the lads at the back of them. Vibhu and everybody run in the home and lock the door.
At house saxena is there and duckworth is making kebabs. Happu and prem come inside of and conceal and the lads pass operating from the road. Happu and prem take a seat at the settee and saxena says what came about? Happu says as a result of you we’re getting crushed they usually beat so badly. Prem says sure, as a result of your silly play. Happu says I don’t know why I went to behave on this play and I will have to have accomplished my responsibility as an alternative. Saxena says they aren’t beating me, see I’m sitting and enjoyable with duckworth and he’s making kebabs. Suddenly the sound of the lads come they usually run around the side road once more. Happu and prem cover at the back of the settee after which all of sudden fumes come from at the back of and happu will get shocks from an open cord. Saxena sees and says I love it. happu and prem rise up. Saxena takes the cord and takes the shocks and says I love it.

Precap: anita vibhu Tiwari and anguri are at house and commissioner is there. Outside the home the boss and males are protesting and feature a material effigy to be burned. The commissioner inside of hears this and locks the door and hides at the back of the settee. Everyone is surprised.

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