Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th March 2017 Written Update Episode .

The episode begins with vibhu and Tiwari at house, vibhu tells Tiwari to offer him 10okay.tiwari says this is your in the future hire for these days, Tiwari writes it in his ebook. Vibhu says he’s going to take 10okay extra for the sunshine invoice. Tiwari says do I appear to be a idiot? And your bulbs took round 10okay electrical energy in in the future? Vibhu says sure perhaps as they’re halogen bulbs. Tiwari says simply close up and organize it for your hire cash I give. Vibhu says no I would like it separate. Tiwari says I wont give it. happu comes and sits. Tiwari says this needless guy got here. Happu says what did you name me? Anyway, you didn’t inform me that you simply opened a showroom. Tiwari says you knew it and why are you asking now? Happu says you wish to have permission for that and also you didn’t take it, now I will be able to put a high-quality. Tiwari says stay this 500rs and

Tiwari and vibhu pass. Happu says anyway 500 is fine and assists in keeping it.
At vibhu’s corridor, the showroom is about as a Chinese guy has come. The Chinese guy is tilu however tilu has come disguised. Everyone welcome him considering him to be tiwari’s consumer ross taylor. Tiwari says sir you don’t appear to be ross taylor as a result of he’s no Chinese. Tilu thinks now I will be able to train you Tiwari. Tilu says one thing ching chong shing shong. Anita says saxena did you already know? Saxena says no this guy has opened his Chinese literature or even I cant perceive. Tilu thinks that is tilu’s Chinese. Tiwari then says the place is ross taylor? Anita says are you able to talk hindi or English? Tilu then says ching chong and I will be able to talk hindi. He says ross taylor is my supervisor and I’m the buyer. Tiwari says k welcome sir. Vibhu and anguri as the salesperson and saleswoman do their paintings and introduce the undergarments. Tiwari then says sir give the order now. Tilu says k mr. Tiwari I come up with a 50lakh undergarment order. Everyone is more than happy and Tiwari is amazed and says thank you sir. Tilu says however I want to deliver them in Indian foreign money and are you able to give me some foreign money now and I will be able to come up with your 50lakh from my lodge room as I will be able to come once more. Tiwari says how a lot do you wish to have? Tilu says 50okay rupees. Tiwari says I’ve 20okay now and take the remaining later. Tilu takes the cash and says thanks and is going. Tiwari says sure I were given the order, everybody congratulate Tiwari. Pelu comes and provides Tiwari a work of paper. Tiwari reads it and its written the one that went now used to be now not a Chinese guy nevertheless it used to be tilu. Tiwrai is surprised and everybody else is.
At night time vibhu is enjoying a recreation on telephone in bed room and anita comes. She takes the telephone and kee[playstation it apart and says what tilu did used to be now not proper and he duped Tiwari of 20okay rupees. Vibhu says tilu did proper and Tiwari merits it. anita says no how can it’s proper? And he duped a person via fooling him and I think indignant on such other folks, anita says vibhu now don’t ask the hire from Tiwari and it doesn’t glance just right as he already has misplaced such a lot cash. Vibhu says excuse me, that’s now not our drawback and in our monetary situation we don’t have the permission to mention no to our hire. Anita says no vibhu don’t ask for it and Tiwari is our neighbor we will have to lend a hand them of their dangerous occasions. Vibhu says see, there is not any relative or pal or neighbor in industry and that is simply natural industry, we’re taking our cash as we’d like it and it’s going to make stronger us and our monetary state.
At house Tiwari is indignant and says that tilu duped me of cash. Anguri says its k and also you needed to give him 50okay however he took handiest 20okay and nonetheless 30okay is left to be taken. Tiwari says close up anguri. Tiwari will get the decision of ross taylor, Tiwari says sure it’s tiwari’s place of dwelling and says oh so you’re coming the next day to come and you’re welcome. Tiwari then says what you wish to have? A lady who does mujra? You need to see Indian dance? Okay sir I will be able to organize it within the showroom. Tiwari assists in keeping telephone and says from the place will I convey a mujra lady now and this guy has stored any such bizarre want. Anguri says I wont dance. Tiwrai says did somebody ask you to bop? And simply sleep now. Anguri sleeps.
Next day vibhu is going at tea stall and takes tea. Tiwari calls him and Tiwari sits beside him. Tiwari says vibhu you understand my consumer is coming, vibhu says sure Tiwari. Tiwari says he has now stored a unusual want. Vibhu says what? Tiwari says he needs to peer Indian mujra as he has heard so much about it and are you able to organize any lady dancer? Vibhu says are you mad? From the place will I organize? Tiwari says name gulfam kali. Vibhu says I don’t know. Prem comes. Vibhu says see he has come, gulfam kali’s proprietor. Tiwari says prem in reality I want gulfam kali for an afternoon as my consumer needs to peer her program, prem says Tiwari she has long past to lucknow for her relative’s wedding ceremony. Tiwari says now what to do and I’ve to provoke the buyer. Saxena comes and sits and says give me a unique cockroach tea. Tiwari and vibhu take a look at saxena after which get started giggling and stay on giggling. Saxena additionally laughs and says I love it.

Precap: saxena dances because the mujra lady at the track Laila primary Laila.

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