Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with Tiwari as akbar and says durjan singh I’ve to show salim some manners . Anita as jodha bai comes together with her homos*xual servant happu singh. Jodha says akbar please assume first that salim is your son and don’t punish him. Akbar says don’t say anything else jodha bai and salim has long past out of his limits, he has achieved issues he shouldn’t have achieved. Happu singh says because the darmiya that jodha bai take this water. Then akbar says salim come right here now, he says loudly. Vibhu enters as salim and gulfam kali comes because the kaneez with anguri as anarkali. Salim comes and vibhu dances as directed after which stops. Anarkali who’s anguri tells akbar(Tiwari) that king your son salim all the time teases me and save me from him. Akbar tells salim that salim it’s a must to exchange your self now

and anarkali doesn’t love you, why do you tease her? Gulfam who’s kaneez says I really like being teased through salim however prince salim doesn’t tease me. Akbar says salim anarkali doesn’t need to be teased after which why don’t you tease kaneez? Salim has a rose flower and he says father I really like anarkali and I will be able to tease her for all my lifestyles as a result of I really like teasing her. Jodha bai says akbar, depart salim and let him do what he needs, he’s my son. Why do you wish to have to punish him?
Akbar says as a result of that is my rule and he has carried out a criminal offense. Salim says I really like anarkali and I additionally need to marry her, so that you shall now not are available between me and my love. Anarkali says however I don’t love you salim. Akbar says see? She doesn’t love you, then why do you pressure your love on her? Anita as jodha says akbar, salim is unbiased and he has my blessings for his marriage with anarkali. In the play, English phrases are used too. Akbar says no, I wont permit that. Salim says see mother, I really like anarkali however this previous guy isn’t letting me marry her as a result of he loves her and he needs to stay anarkali for her. Akbar says sure, you don’t query me and I will be able to marry anarkali and now not you. everyone seems to be giggling and saxena too.
There in an place of business, 3 males are enjoying carom and one is a fats boss. Boss says play properly guy. One guy comes and says boss I’ve information. Boss says what? Man says boss in trendy colony, folks have long past mad and the citizens are doing a play however they have got spoilt all of it with all stupidity crammed in it and they’re insulting our Indian historical past. Boss says that psychological saxena will have to have organized this and I wont depart someone. Lets pass. They all move.
There because the play goes, a laugh is going on and the gang Is giggling. On the road, a person is going giggling and the boss comes and says why are you giggling? Man says see there’s the play of Mughals and they’re humorous. Boss slaps him, the person is going. Boss and his males pass to the play they usually name extra in their males. They are indignant because the historical past is being insulted.
In the play, anarkali says I wont marry someone as I don’t love akbar and nor do I really like salim. Kaneez says salim marry me. Salim says I will be able to now not. Kaneez says you need to as I’ve one thing, kaneez gets rid of cellular and presentations salim a mms. Salim sees and jodha says what came about? Salim presentations her and says she is blackmailing me now. Jodha says oh my god, you have got taken kaneez on your hands? Salim says that day it used to be darkish and I assumed it will have to be anrakali so I took her in my hands nevertheless it used to be kaneez and she or he secretly made a mms. Happu who’s the darmiya and is known as sharayu says via the best way my king akbar, you have got carried out so much too. Akbar says don’t say anything else. Jodha says inform me what came about? Sharayu says one night time in December, I went to king’s room and he used to be under the influence of alcohol, he took me in hands and did what now not. Everyone is surprised. And jodha says oh my god, akbar you’re characterless too and sooner than blaming salim see what you’ve gotten finished. Suddenly tilu comes there and says Tiwari give me my wage. Tiwari says pass now and the drama is occurring now. Vibhu says saxena inform him to head. Vibhu and anita say tilu please move now and we’re appearing on this play, let the play recover from then you’ll be able to do no matter you wish to have to do with Tiwari. Tilu says k and is going. The boss is indignant after seeing this and he slaps his guy and says what is that this? They have made the script all mindless and this wont paintings now.

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