Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th March 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with vibhu mesmerized and he sits down and is considering anguri. Anguri from the kitchen says the place did vibhu pass? Where is he? Vibhu! Vibhu! Vibhu then will get up and says I used to be right here handiest, then he smiles and says I’m flying. Vibhu is going. Anguri says what occurs to him.
At night time anita is in balcony with vibhu and she or he says I will be able to now not do this advert. Vibhu says anita you will have to do this advert as a result of Tiwari provides you with 50okay rupees than. Anita says however my pals become tremendous fashions and in the event that they see this advert I did for an area undergarment then they are going to giggle at me. Vibhu says we will be able to now not show this advert all over the place and it is only to turn the buyer from America and what can we care? Because see, your grooming categories hire is 7000 per 30 days and it is going to be 77000 for 11 months

and if Tiwari is supplying you with 50okay than your hire for just about a yr will probably be given and we will be able to opt for a go back and forth too after saving the per thirty days cash. Anita says that isn’t a nasty concept and says I will be able to do that advert however just for our bills to head easily.
Next day at tea stall, saxena and tika is there and Tiwari comes. He says I’ve rented a showroom and a buyer from America is coming. Saxena says I do know the whole thing, it’s the showroom you’re opening for 1 day to idiot your buyer. Tiwari says close up and what have you learnt and I will be able to get an enormous order, saxena says you simply have a small four x four store and don’t seem to be value opening a showroom on your dangerous high quality undergarments. Tiwari slaps saxena. Saxena says I love it. tilu comes and Tiwari says why did you return and who’s on the store then? Tilu says let your store burn, Tiwari says what are you pronouncing? Tilu says you didn’t inform me that you’re opening a showroom and I would like my wage at this time. Tiwari takes tilu and says include me son I will be able to inform you one thing they usually each move. Saxena says once more Tiwari fooled that deficient tilu, he says I don’t love it.
In kitchen anguri is there and vibhu comes and says shall we do the 2d consultation for being a saleswoman. Vibhu tells anguri that now you’ll wink the buyer after which say please take this sweetheart. Anguri says what? Why will have to I wink? Vibhu says this global is trendy Bhabhi ji and should you do this then the buyer will give the order quickly. Anguir says k and in detail tells it to vibhu. Vibhu once more will get mesmerized and sits down. Anguri then says the place is vibhu and says perhaps he went. Vibhu will get up and says no I’m right here most effective and I used to be flying, vibhu is going. Anguri says I don’t perceive what he ever says.
There in garden, anita is all in a position as a ravishing maid for the commercial. Saxena is capturing the scene and Tiwari sees it. saxena says motion and anita says the discussion, she says those are robust chameli chaap undergarments and you’ll tear however those wont tear even after washing and rubbing them vigorously. Saxena says no minimize, I would like the take once more and the remaining discussion used to be now not proper. Tiwari says why? You are making anita get drained. Anita says no its k Tiwari. She does the take once more and this time it’s best possible. Saxena says wow superior I’m inspired and now we will be able to take your pictures. Anita holds the undergarments and in several place she provides the pictures. Happu comes and tells Tiwari that anita seems stunning this manner and somebody would pass and provides their garments to any such lady to scrub. Tiwari tells him to close up and get misplaced.
At vibhu’s space the whole thing has been setup within the corridor as a showroom and vibhu and anguri stand as salesman and saleswoman. Tika and saxena stand as consumers and Tiwari and anita stand at an aspect. They do practice session. Tika says I will be able to move first, vibhu says I will be able to slap you and stand the place you’re and let saxena come first. Saxena comes as the buyer and says display me the undergarments, anguri presentations the undergarments after which does as vibhu taught her, she says please take those undergarments, then she winks. Saxena and tika are surprised and anita and Tiwari too. Anguri says those wont tear and as soon as you’ll tear however those wont, anguri once more winks and once more everyone seems to be surprised. Then anguri says sweetheart please take those undergarments. Everyone is surprised, tika says what’s she pronouncing? Saxena says sure I don’t love it and its so awkward. Vibhu tells anguri this is proper. Tiwari says anguri why are you calling the buyer as sweetheart? Anita asks the similar. anguri says that what vibhu taught me. Anita scolds vibhu and he says the place did I do know and I’ve now not been a salesperson sooner than.

Precap: Tiwari will get the decision from his American buyer and he says he needs to peer mujra. Tiwari tells prem at tea stall that he wishes gulfam kali as his buyer needs to peer a mujra dance. Prem says she isn’t to be had and has long past for a relative wedding ceremony.

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