Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th February 2017 Written Update Episode

The episode begins with saxena pronouncing so the jobs are ultimate. Tika and malkhan say we don’t like the jobs of the guard. Saxena laughs and says boys you don’t seem to be even value enjoying the jobs of the guard and now close up and play the jobs that I give. Vibhu thinks it’s going to be a laugh being have compatibility salim with anguri as anarkali. Tiwari thinks it’s going to be so delightful to behave with anita as spouse jodha.
At tea stall, saxena is there and duckworth is making kebabs. Happu comes and sits and says whats taking place? Saxena says depart this and not anything is going on at your home and also you spouse is pregnant since 2 years. Happu says you allow that and I heard you make a drama and feature given a task to everybody, give me one too and make me salim and anita as anarkali, I go well with to be salim. Saxena laughs

and says have you ever noticed your self? And you have got a abdomen so fats like a nine month previous pregnant lady so that you don’t seem to be value being salim. Happu smiles and says k make me akbar. Saxena says close up, you don’t seem to be value being akbar too as you don’t seem to be have compatibility, you’re fats. Saxena says I wont take you within the drama. Happu will get indignant and says when you don’t take me then I will be able to shut this all drama of yours. Saxena says I knew you are going to do that shit and this is the reason I took a permission from commissioner ahead of and I’ve 1 reproduction and he has 1. Happu sees and says I used to be simply joking and take me please. Saxena says I’ve a task of darmiyan for you. happu listens and smiles however is indignant.
At night time, anita is in room rehearsing her dialogues and she or he says the dialogues of a specific scene pronouncing my king, I’m your spouse but in addition the mummy of salim and this cant be accomplished. There Tiwari rehearses similar dialogues of the similar scene and says sure it needs to be as salim has grow to be boastful and teases ladies however now has focused anarkali. As they rehearse, there anguri comes rehearsing her dialogues and right here vibhu comes within the room rehearsing his dialogues of salim. He says anarkali I such as you. anguri there says the discussion that salim don’t tease me and depart me. Vibhu says I love teasing you anarkali and now I will be able to tease you all the time, I need to marry you. anita says why are you rehearsing right here? And I get disturbed. Vibhu says what can I do? You rehearse your dialogues and I will be able to say mine. Anita says however you assert it loudly. There Tiwari tells anguri that she is irritating him and he’s enjoying the primary position so she sleep now and rehearse subsequent morning as an alternative. Anguri says no, I don’t know any dialogues and I’ve to be informed them now. Tiwari says move within the balcony and say your dialogues. Anguri says I sought after to do right here however she is going. There anita tells vibhu move presently and presentations him her indignant eyes. Vibhu says k I will be able to move. Anita begins her practice session and vibhu and anguri are available their very own balconies. Tiwari come sin his window and says the dialogues and anita hears him, she is available in her balcony and says Tiwari you’re pronouncing the similar dialogues of the similar scene so shall we rehearse. Vibhu thinks she got here right here too. Anguri and vibhu say their dialogues first and apply after which Tiwari and anita apply. Suddenly on side road tika and malkhan come pronouncing their discussion of guard by which they have got to deal with the access of akbar. They each say it mistaken after which take a look at the discussion once more. Anita and anguri get bored to death as they don’t seem to be attending to follow their dialogues any place in order that they pass in. Tiwari and vibhu move in too. Tika and malkhan say their dialogues.
Next day at saxena’s house, he’s talking on telephone and says I would like the jewellery and dress nowadays itself as my drama is the next day in my the city so I would like it delivered nowadays. Duckworth is making kebabs. Gulfam kali and prem come and take a seat. Gulfam says saxena brother you make a play and also you forgot about me? Prem says sure. Saxena says how can I overlook you sister? Prem says you will have to give the position of anarkali to gulfam as she does appear to be her. Saxena says I’ve as an alternative the position of kanis for gulfam. Gulfam says wow thank you so much. Prem says give me one position too. Saxena says the best way you appear to be characterless I’ve a task of durjan singh for you. prem slaps saxena. Saxena says I love it.
The level is all set and everyone seems to be in costmes. The drama begins and all the city individuals are there. Tika and malkhan say the discussion. Tika says hoshiyar adab, ba mulaiza, azharrudinn, saxena corrects tika and says he doesn’t know a unmarried discussion. Tika says its once more after which malkhan says badsha-e-tashreeef. Saxena once more corrects him and on this approach corrects them four occasions. Then malkhan says akbar pahdaar rahe hai. Tiwari is available in with prem as durjan singh and Tiwari as akbar. Saxena says tika and malkhan don’t know a unmarried discussion and they are going to insult me in London. Tiwari begins his dialogues and says what did salim do? Durjan singh says salim has transform characterless and he teases ladies and is now additionally teasing anarkali. Tiwari says why is his personality falling so down? And as soon as he used to be status on a enemy territory with a golden flag at the sword of gold and I assumed he took that territory into ours and captured it, but if I went close to him, I noticed it used to be the get dressed of a lady and after asking him what is that this stupidity? He stated it’s the flag of romance. What may just I say? Saxena and everybody snigger. Saxena is inspired. Durjan singh says he additionally added cockroaches on your biryani so we need to do something positive about him quickly.

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