Beyhadh 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Beyhadh 3rd March 2017 Written Update Episode

Maya with Arjun and Saanjh is going to police station and complains inspector that her mom/Jahnvi is lacking. Inspector says forgot about Jahnvi, he discovered who murdered Ashwin. He presentations handcuffs to Arjun and says he murdered Aswin. Saanjh says he can not arrest Arjun with none evidence. Inspector says Arjun had long past to Ashwin’s space and hand cuffs Arjun.

Saanjh calls Ayan and informs that inspector has arrested Arjun in Ashwin’s homicide fees and asks him to not tell Vandana and to return over silently. Vandana asks whose name it used to be. Ayan says not anything. She insists. He says Saanjh referred to as and knowledgeable that inspector arrested Arjun on Ashwin’s homicide fees. Vadana panics that she knew this might have occur, Maay has utterly trapped Arjun. She made a homicide and trapped Arjun into

it. Ayan says she is considering flawed. Vandana continues shouting and says Maya modified unexpectedly and it’s unattainable,, she is appearing…Her shouting and drama continues.

Prem will get apprehensive for Saanjh. Shubh says he will have to agree with his daughter and stand at the back of her, his daughter wishes a really perfect hero father who can inform inspector and entire global that he’s at the back of her daughter. Prem asks if he trusts his sister Shubh says he accept as true with Saanjh attorney who is aware of her process.

Saanjh takes Arjun apart and speaks. Arjun says she is aware of Jahnvi iss assassin. Saanjh says Jahnvi is left passed and assassin is true passed, she investigated since 2 days. Inspector comes and drags Arjun. Saanjh says she needs to talk to Arjun. Inspector says she will and he’s going to give her some evidence. He presentations sherwani’s fabric piece and says it’s present in Ashwin’s space or even CCTV cameras captured Arjun there. He then dorns cap on Arjun’s head, reminds he dorned it ahead of additionally and says he did it to get Arjun’s hair for DNA check.

Vandana enters and shouts at Maya that she did what she sought after, she murdered Ashwi and trapped Arjun in it. She continues shouting and yelling. Arjun stops her and says she can not allege Maya like this. Inspector says let him watch saas bahu drama. He drags Arjun and opens mobile door kicking it. Saanjh says she is going to get Arjun’s bail. Inspector says she will, however Arjun will probably be with him until then. Maya stops him and warns if he arrests Arjun, she is going to do yet one more homicide. She murdered Ashwin previous and now will homicide inspector. Saanjh asks why is she taking blame. Maya says she is the actual assassin.

Precap: Inspector tells Maya that her mom attempted to suicide once more and sooner than leaving left a word that she murdered Ashwin.

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