Beyhadh 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Zee TV Beyhadh 1st March 2017 Written Update Episode

Vandana reaches temple and yells at Maya that drawback maker is praying god to unravel her issues. She begins yelling at Maya to get out of Arjun’s lifestyles, and so forth. Arjun calls a psychologist to regard Jahnvi and tells he’s going to let Jahnvi talk Ashwin. Astrologer acts as tantric and says does some drama, then says Ashwin does now not need to depart this global and wishes lend a hand.

Vandana leaves after yelling at Maya. Maya holds her hand. Vandana continues yelling. She warns Maya to go away her hand and pushes Maya hand and saps her by way of mistake. Maya angrily walks away and brings dagger.

Psychologist continues his drama and asks Ashwin who the actual assassin is, if it is Jahnvi, Maya, Ashwin. Ashwin didn’t see his actual assassin and won’t pass till he unearths out. He suggests Jahnvi to write down a letter for Ashwin and drop it in water. Jahnvi writes a letter.

Maya angrily walks against Vadana preserving dagger and raises it. Vandana closes her eyes in worry and Saanjh shouts. Maya forces Vandana to carry dagger and asks her to kill her directly as an alternative of killing her on a daily basis. Vandana begins her drama and addresses other folks that everybody noticed how dangerous she is and the way just right Maya is. Maya needs to turn out her greatness, however she is extra mature sufficient and won’t believe Maya. Maya challenged and trapped Arjun, she loves Arjun and does now not need to lure him like Maya did. Arjun married a large drawback and is risking his lifestyles. She leaves. Maya cries that Maa nonetheless does now not like her and thinks she is difficult for Ashwin. Saanjh consoles her.

Arjun takes his good friend out and praises his appearing, asks how did he transfer coin. Friend presentations magnets and says he does now not assume his saas killed her husband, then why this drama. Arjun says to complete Ashwin directly. Jahnvi hears entire dialog.

Inspector calls Maya and informs that he discovered Ashwin’s actual assassin and can meet her quickly. Maya informs Saanjh. Vandana calls her subsequent and she or he asks what came about. Vandana says not anything, she discovered Ashwin’s actual assassin and asks her to return to their previous godown.

Precap: Maya with Saanjh succeed in godown and calls Jahnvi. Jahnvi alleges Arjun for killing Ashwin.

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