Badho Bahu 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Badho Bahu 3rd March 2017 Written Update Episode

Teji and Pinki pick out up Supreet Kaur. They start to scare her already.

Ahlawat circle of relatives steps out of the home. They are stunned to peer such a lot of folks accrued out of doors. Komal tells Lucky she is scared.

Pinki tells Supreet that Komal beat Zalim Singh badly. You will have to come to a decision your self. You will win 2k through getting your limbs damaged. You wont have the ability to do anything else for the following 6 months!

Sarpanch greets Ahlawat ji. Raghubir ji asks them how they’re right here. Sarpanch ji says we needed to be with KOmal in her first Dangal. Raghubir ji issues out that that is simply part of Komal’s coaching. Ladies are in point of fact excited to peer the Dangal of girls. We have by no means noticed such factor ahead of. This is just like the 8th marvel of Sirsa. Raghubir ji asks Komal if she is in a position. She nods hesitantly. He asks

her to hunt the blessing in their Guru ji. Komal prays to Bajrang Bali. Everyone has accumulated to peer the battle. Give me power to battle smartly. Keep my and my circle of relatives’s recognize intact. Thank you Lord! Raghubir ji does her tilak. She seeks his blessing.

Teji reaches simply then. Ahlawat ji remarks that also they are right here. Supreet steps out of the automobile. Pinki asks Supreet what came about. See for your self now. Badho seems to be to be 100 kgs. Supreet nods. Komal leans nearer to Lucky. She appears to be tough. He says I will be able to see it too. Don’t be scared. Remember what I informed you. Keep watching her angrily and consume her together with your eyes. teji tells Supreet if she noticed how Komal is watching her. What if she sits on you all the way through the struggle? You wont be capable of rise up. Komal holds Lucky’s hand. I want your improve to win. He reminds her of his lesson as he shrugs her hand away. Beat your different hand with the primary one. Do as I advised you. Komal does so. Pinki tells Supreet that Badho appears easy and blameless however she does now not spare her opponent all the way through struggle. She sheds blood. Lucky tells Komal she is going to win part of the fight from right here most effective. Komal strikes her hand throughout her throat to scare Supreet.

Raghubir ji welcomes Supreet. Thanks for coming in such brief realize. Was the adventure good enough? She nods. He asks her to return then. We will get started the Dangal. She nods. teji tells his sister don’t know what is going to occur to Supreet now. Badho wont spare her. She is in God’s arms now!

Raghubir ji introduces Supreet to Komal. Komal shakes palms tightly. People are geared as much as see the battle. Raghubir ji asks them in the event that they will have to get started. Komal consents. Lucky reminds her to stay staring. Komal nods.

Komal steps ahead within the akhada (after taking mom earth’s blessings like in India). I’m in a position. Raghubir ji asks Supreet to return however she refuses to battle. Pinki, Kamla ji and Teji glance satisfied while everybody else is surprised. Raghubir ji asks Supreet what came about. Supreet says pardon me however I will not do it. Ahlawat ji asks her what the topic is. She replies that this doesn’t appear justified. Badho is 100 kgs whilst I’m 55 kgs. This isn’t a matched Dangal! Raghubir ji says you may well be proper however understand that this isn’t actual. This is simply a part of Komal’s traiing. No one will win or lose. She remains put. You are risking my lifestyles for her! He says we spoke already about this. she nods. You dint point out the load although. How will the weights fit? She repeats Pinki’s discussion. I belong to a deficient circle of relatives. I do know not anything however wrestling. What if one thing occurs to me? I will not take this possibility. Ahlawat ji tells her she is improper. Supreet says forgive me however I will not battle. Supreet requests Raghubir ji to assume from her perspective. Please permit me to head. Raghubir ji tells Teji to drop Supreet again. Supreet leaves. Pinki and Kamla ji smile at each and every different.

Payal’s mom calls Payal. I advised you the day before today you will have been right here however you dint pay attention to me. That opponent were given terrified of Badho and left! Payal says nobody would talk well of her. What will Babu ji do now? Payal’s mom says even I’m ready to understand. I will be able to name you later. Something is occurring. Sarpanch ji says this went incorrect. What will occur now? One of the villagers says that is what occurs while you push the DIL’s or daughters of the home into wrestling. I think pity for Komal. She stayed within the Akhada on my own! A man says deficient Supreet Kaur used to be now not at fault. What will someone do if Komal is of 100 kgs? She may have an higher hand unquestionably. This isn’t unexpected. Someone else suggests leaving. We have noticed sufficient! Raghubir ji assists in keeping his hand on Komal’s shoulder. He tells everybody to prevent.

Precap: Raghubir ji declares that the Dangal will occur nowadays as promised! One of my disciples will battle together with her. He asks Rana, Jitesh and Ajay who all glance down (pronouncing no). Raghubir ji says I’m left without a choice however to ask for forgiveness now. He is set to fold his arms ahead of everybody when Lucky steps ahead. I will be able to struggle with Komal! Babu ji wont need to fold his arms prior to everybody. Everyone appears stunned.

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