Badho Bahu 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Badho Bahu 31st March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Komal comes house which makes her mom in reality satisfied. Komal will get excited occupied with the Shanti-puja. Now we will be able to do the entirety in combination. her mom nods. did you talk to Lucky? She denies. Jamuna ji tells her to keep up a correspondence off and on.

Teji makes a decision to paintings his magic on Kareena too. He leans nearer however she tells him to take a seat on his knees as an alternative. He does so and continues flirting. She tells him to not be additional sensible. You will have to have closed the door when you beloved touching the waists of such weirdo’s. He says I sought after you to be jealous which came about. She asks him if he forgot who she is. He continues flirting while she scares him by taking Rana’s identify. He will beat you badly when he’s going to know about this. He smiles. You would have advised everybody when you sought after to. I do know you prefer me which

is why you referred to as me right here on my own. We can also be pals. Accept it. It might be a bonus to you. She suggests him to be her servant. He readily has the same opinion to be no matter she is going to inform him to. She asks him to go away as he’s flirting an excessive amount of. He snatches the grapes from her plate as he is going. She makes a decision to show him a lesson. Kamla ji asks her if she has some spirit inside of her. You are speaking to your self. I simply heard what recreation you performed with Badho. Kareena says you will have to be pleased with me. Kamla ji scolds Kareena for being a vulnerable participant. You dint realise when and the way Badho spoke of that alliance. She went to her house even if the topic wasn’t resolved. We couldn’t do anything else when she deliberate such a lot whilst nonetheless being on this space. What all can she plan now when she is at her house together with her circle of relatives? You wont perceive anything else. We have to peer what she does subsequent. Kareena assures her issues will occur their approach quickly. I will be able to have to visit her house now to know her subsequent transfer.

Komal talks to Madhuri. Lucky ji isn’t choosing my telephone once more. Jamuna ji sits down with Komal. Is the whole thing good enough? Komal truthfully stocks that she stopped wrestling. Payal bombards her with too many questions. Did they throw you out? Let’s communicate to them. Jamuna ji stops her. Let her complete. Komal tells them that everybody used to be fearful as a result of wrestling. Lucky ji too dint need me to struggle. After the Dangal, he asked me to prevent. Jamuna ji asks about Lucky and Raghubir ji’s reactions. Komal stocks that everybody left the general determination on her. I assumed to pacify Lucky ji first. Maybe I will be able to battle once more together with his permission. Jamuna ji appreciates her. payal says we did that so you have to spend some extra time with Lucky. Komal nods. Why will have to I insist if Lucky ji does now not need it? Jamuna ji leaves the verdict on her as smartly. Do take into account that your circle of relatives and husband will have to now not be disenchanted with anything else you do. Kareena leans in to listen to. Payal advises Komal to stay Lucky satisfied. Don’t pay attention to somebody. If he’s in your aspect then not anything will pass incorrect. Jamuna ji tells Komal handiest to do what she likes. You will have to most effective call to mind making a spot for your self in Lucky’s center. Kareena thinks everyone seems to be making plans too many stuff right here. I will be able to see how they be successful!

Kareena greets everybody. Komal is stunned to peer her. Kareena lies that she used to be lacking her. I’m sorry as I dint search permission and got here at once. Komal welcomes her inside of. Jamuna ji welcomes her open heartedly. We have a Shanti puja the next day to come. Kareena vows to break the Shanti puja. There shall be no Shanti (peace) when I’m right here! She suggests inviting Teji, Bharpayi and Pragya over. It can be a perfect lend a hand to you too. Komal likes the theory. It might be just right if we spend a while in combination after what came about. Kareena asks Jamuna ji if she stated anything else fallacious. Jamuna ji denies. My house is small. I used to be considering how I will be able to take care of everybody. Kareena says we will be able to modify even on a carpet. Don’t take pressure. Komal assures her mom she is going to put cots. I will be able to sleep with them out of doors. Jamuna ji has the same opinion.

Kareena covers her nostril as a result of the odor coming from cow dung. She calls Teji. You need to convey no matter I’m telling you to to Badho Bhabhi’s space.

Kamla ji name callings Malti ji. Your DIL is playing at her house when you are running right here. My DIL is superb. She helps you. Malti ji prays Badho by no means comes again. You don’t know the way satisfied I’m. Ahlawat ji complains that they dint get tea at time simply because Komal left. Kamla ji says you’re pronouncing as though Komal used to be right here since youth. She gives to make tea however Malti ji gives to do it. Teji tells Kamla ji concerning the Shanti-puja at Komal’s house. Kamla ji complains that Komal tousled the whole thing right here and is having a Shanti-puja at her house! Malti ji asks him how he is aware of this.

Teji says Kareena ji referred to as lately. Malti ji is stunned. How did she succeed in there? Kamla ji stocks that she requested her ahead of going. Leave that. Say what you (Teji) have to mention. Teji asks her if he can take Pragya and BHarpayi to their house if they’re comfortable with it. Raghubir ji concurs however Kamla ji is towards it. They insulted us the day before today but you wish to have us to ship our daughters to their house? Raghubir ji calls it a just right act as it’s for puja. Kamla ji reminds him she is going to take determination for her daughter. Teji and Bharpayi are loose to head. My daughter wont pass there and it’s ultimate! She walks away. Ahlawat ji tells Teji to head with Bharpayi. Tell Jamuna ji we will be able to succeed in on time. Raghubir ji appears at Malti ji who avoids his gaze.

Precap: Pinki tells Rana nobody recalls the one that is on Number 2. You dint move even while you have been referred to as by Delhi camp! Rana shouts at her to prevent. At night time, everyone seems to be asleep excluding Teji and Kareena. Kareena loosens the nuts of one thing that may fall day after today when they’re going to check out to succeed in it. Shanti-puja wont occur day after today. They panic as Vardaan will get up proper then.

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