Badho Bahu 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Badho Bahu 24th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Rana and Raghubir ji deliver the youngsters to the Akhada. They teach them in a equivalent method like everybody at their house does. Rana does push-u.s.with Lattu sitting on his again. Kids revel in training. They come again in the house hungry. They are pepped up by way of the practise and come to a decision to not play indoor video games. Kareena seems dissatisfied. She asks youngsters to have chilly beverages and chips. Attack! Komal comes simply then with milk for everybody. Kareena says youngsters deserve some prize as they practised so exhausting. Komal nods. for this reason I introduced milk for them. Kareena tells her to invite the youngsters if she issues those trendy youngsters would like milk over chilly beverages. Kids vouch for chilly beverages. Rana and Raghubir ji have heard the whole thing. They all drink a tumbler of milk each and every to show a precious lesson to youngsters. Raghubir ji sweetly explains the

unwanted side effects of chilly beverages to youngsters. Milk will give you power. These chips will make you vulnerable and frail. Do you wish to have to turn into like Lucky Hero or now not? Kids stay mum. Raghubir ji tells Komal to offer milk to him. We will drink milk and transform robust like Lucky Hero. We may also turn into Iron Man. Kids shout at him to prevent and end a tumbler each and every. Komal asks Rana if he were given what she had requested him to. He assures her it’s virtually completed. Komal tells three essential issues to youngsters which Lucky does. One, he wakes up in reality early and practises. Two, he beverages milk. Kids say we’ve got executed this already. She says for that you are going to need to relaxation for some time as it is vital. Kids agree. Rana asks them to return with him then.

At night time, the home is all set for birthday party. Everyone appreciates Komal at the preps. Malti ji stands with a tragic face. Kamla ji says why have you ever completed such a lot decorations when Lucky isn’t right here. Raghubir ji says we too leave out him however youngsters sought after to have fun. We are simply celebrating for them. Kareena asks for the youngsters. Komal issues at them. Kids come dressed in the t-shirts with Lucky’s photograph on it unexpected everybody. Malti ji’s face lighting fixtures up. Kareena asks them what that is. Kids give credit score to Komal for arranging the particular t-shirts. They thank her for giving them the most productive present on their Hero’s birthday. Kamla ji additionally compliments Komal at the t-shirts. Get one for Ahlawat ji too. Get my photograph on it so he by no means forgets me even I’m lifeless. Komal stocks that Rana has were given them. I best informed them and he organized for them. Ahlawat ji praises him.

Lattu walks as much as MAlti ji. You dint consume anything else since morning. She asks him who advised him. He says I comprehend it. You dint consume anything else whilst looking ahead to Lucky Hero. She lies to him. he causes that she is handiest going to dissatisfied Lucky Hero via staying hungry. He is Hero. Nothing will occur to him. Don’t fear. Please consume some. Tear falls down her cheek. She takes a chew from his hand and in addition makes him consume. Everyone smiles seeing her consuming in any case. Komal and Lattu do thumbs up at each and every different which Kareena notices.

A child walks as much as Kamla ji. You need to make Lucky Hero’s favorite kheer now. We too need to consume it. She luckily has the same opinion. She takes Pinki and Pragya together with her.

Kareena sits down close to Malti ji. You can see how a lot she (Komal) is appearing. Malti ji calls Komal an actor. Don’t know why my husband does now not perceive!

Kids relish the kheer made by way of Kamla ji. They ask her how she made it so quickly. She smiles. I made it within the morning itself however dint inform any person. Kids end the kheer. Komal has one thing else deliberate as smartly. You will in finding out in a minute. She asks Ajay, Jitesh to hit it (in English). Ajay and Jitesh play song. Kids dance with all of the kids. Pinki sees Teji dancing with Pragya and is available in between. Teji switches position with Rana. Komal misses Lucky and is going to face subsequent to his minimize out in between.

Everyone needs the minimize out a cheerful birthday as they reduce the cake. Komal gives the primary chew to Malti ji who accepts it just for her husband’s sake. She provides it to Raghubir ji after which touches it to the reduce out.

Kids inform Komal they loved so much these days. We couldn’t meet Lucky Hero however had a good time dwelling his means. Raghubir ji makes him repeat what Komal had requested them to. Kids give right kind solution. Raghubir ji provides that they will have to additionally learn about smartly. Kids nod cheerily. Rana and Teji move to drop the youngsters again house.

Komal is lacking Lucky. You (Lucky) weren’t with me lately. I waited whole day for you. Kids got here to rejoice your birthday. They have been in reality satisfied. They left fortuitously. Come again now please. I’m lacking you numerous. She will get emotional recalling their first assembly, their wedding ceremony and of his dislike against her. She lies right down to sleep.

Precap: Pragya asks anyone if he loves her or now not. Komal and Kareena listen them. They move intently to test however in finding Vardaan popping out of the room. Kareena instigates Lucky to do one thing now. She will get surprised seeing Komal on the door.

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