Badho Bahu 24th February 2017 Written Episode – Update

Badho Bahu 24th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Teji refuses to do the position of Nandi. I think too uncovered. Ladies disguise their smile. Raghubir ji tells him to not act like women. He asks about Malti ji from Kamla ji.

Komal requests Lucky to pay recognize to Lord together with her in temple. He refuses. Do no matter you wish to have to. Don’t pull me for anything else. He is going. Komal selections up puja thaal. Malti ji comes there. Komal says I used to be about to return downstairs. I’m in a position. Let’s pass. Malti ji tells her to prevent. We all are going to temple however you’ll keep at house. You have two hours time. Decide what you wish to have to do – do family paintings or strive against. Raghubir ji asks about Komal from Malti ji. Malti ji tells him that Komal wont come. Komal comes there simply then. Raghubir ji will get satisfied whilst Malti ji seems disappointed. Komal lies to him a few headache. He suggests

his spouse to stick again however Komal denies. Let her do darshan. Raghubir ji tells her to name them in case there’s any drawback. Komal nods. Everyone is going out. Malti ji remains again to get her puja thaal. Komal provides her puja thaal. Malti ji reminds her once more. You have 2 hours time. You can both make a selection to strive against or do puja. She too leaves.

Pundit ji explains everybody concerning the particular Rudraksh and trident which might be greater than 250 years previous. They come again right here handiest even though somebody takes them from right here. Two guys status close to him (dressed as junior pundit’s take a look at each and every different).

Komal is in space temple. I used to be looking ahead to nowadays since a yr however now I will not meet you. Do you additionally dislike the truth that I strive against? Help me discover a option to pop out of this example so I’m able to pay appreciate to you too. She thinks of her mom’s phrases. It is the religion inside of you which of them makes you consider in anything else. She thank you lord for reminding her of this.

Teji tries his best possible to cover himself. He assists in keeping taking a look at Pragya who tries getting down from the cart however Vardaan holds her hand. Jitesh asks Lucky to return however he’s talking on telephone. Jitesh pulls Teji for dance.

Komal sits right down to make a shivlinga of her personal.

Payal and Jamuna ji meet Ahlawat circle of relatives. Payal asks about Komal. Malti ji says she had headache and stated she is going to do puja at house. Payal tries to mention one thing however Jamuna ji says it’s her favorite pageant. I created this thaal for her. Malti ji suggests her to stay it in tableau. It will probably be used. Jamuna ji and Pragya take blessings from Vardaan and Pragya (as they’re dressed as Shiv-Parvati). Jamuna ji compliments them. You glance actual Shiv-Parvati. Pragya is uncomfortable.

Someone tells Pundit ji of one thing. He comes operating upstairs and unearths the trident and rudraksh long past. This is inauspicious. Someone will have to search for the ones 2 pundits. People get right down to paintings.

Raghubir ji asks Lucky to name Komal. I need to know if she is ok or now not. Lucky consents. He calls Komal. Are you alright? She smiles. Lucky tells her to let him know if she wishes anything else. She nods. I’m high quality. I in point of fact favored it that you simply referred to as. He asks her about her well being. She lies that she continues to be feeling dizzy. I need to see Shiv ji. There is not anything to fret even though. Are you alright? He walks forward absentmindedly. Everyone is playing dancing across the tableau. Lucky’s foot get caught in a cord as a result of which the tableau will get driven. Vardaan assists in keeping his hand protectively forward Prgaya to save lots of her from the autumn. Those pretend pundit’s collide with the tableau as a result of which the backdrop is set to fall on Pragya. Vardaan assists in keeping his hand to prevent it from falling on her. Everyone rushes to them involved.

Komal has made shivlinga. Pardon me Lord. I had no different choice. So many issues have risen as a result of me opting for to strive against. What will have to I do!

Malti ji says the entirety is tousled now. Prasad additionally fell. How will this tableau succeed in until temple until now? Lucky tells her to not fear. I will be able to pass house and ask Badho to make some other thaal. Kamla ji consents. Jamuna ji calls out to him.

Komal prays that nobody will have to separate her from Bholenath. I feel Ma ji is true. I will have to prevent wrestling. I’m coming to you Bholenath! She opens the door however any person steps ahead. Sound of conch is heard. It is Lucky. She appears at him in wonder / surprise.

Precap: Pundit ji tells Raghubir ji concerning the rudraksh and trident getting stolen. Malti ji informs Lucky. Komal does puja. She assists in keeping the trident maintaining the rudraksh subsequent to Shivlinga. Lucky sees it.

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