Badho Bahu 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Badho Bahu 16th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Kareena used to be about to slide at the banana peel however Komal pushes her away at the proper time. Kareena will get harm from the similar desk she had selected. Malti ji rushes to her aspect. Kareena asks her if she sought after to kill her. Komal denies pointing on the banana peel. I used to be simply saving you. Malti ji asks her who threw it right here. Komal says I don’t know. Gopal ji notices that a piece of the desk were given damaged within the procedure. He leaves the opposite one at the back of for Lucky.

Malti ji asks Komal if she can not take a seat at one position. Are you satisfied after inflicting loss to anyone? Komal apologizes. Malti ji scolds her. I will be able to get you no matter you wish to have. Just do that favour on me. Sit at one position until you’re superb. Komal nods unfortunately. Malti ji sends her to her room to relaxation. Komal winces in ache. Malti ji tells her to watch out.

Komal heads to her room. Malti ji is going to deliver drugs for Kareena. Kareena thinks Badho driven her deliberately to so the reflect she likes involves house. I will be able to train her a lesson she wont fail to remember!

Komal involves her room. She takes out the t-shirts which she feels Lucky does now not put on. Kareena comes there. Komal asks her if she wishes one thing. Kareena asks her concerning the t-shirts. Do you understand from the place he were given them? Komal replies that as according to Babu ji I’ve to take out previous garments. Kareena issues out that she had talented them. They are her favorite. Komal tries to mention one thing however Kareena advises her to stay them again in cabinet. Kamla ji tells Komal to not stay the t-shirts again in cabinet. You will have to donate them. Kareena tells them to be ready to undergo Lucky’s anger. Kamla ji additionally says she hasn’t noticed Lucky put on them. Kareena places an finish to the dialogue through refusing to allow them to be donated. Kamla ji has the same opinion. Either Lucky will put on them or they are going to be donated. Both women depart whilst Komal wonders what she will have to do.

Payal counts her safely stored cash. Her mom comes there with a couple of women. Payal says you dint name this time. Her mom says we got here to peer Mata. Payal quietly tells her there is not any such Mata right here. Payal’s mom says whole village is aware of your mom has been blessed through a Mata and she or he is all quiet. We got here to peer her. Payal stocks that it’s the impact of Bhang. Flashback presentations Jamuna ji complaining to Payal for now not purchasing colors for Payal. Get him some candies. Payal hasn’t made any. Jamuna ji asks her if she is going to take cash together with her after dying. Payal tells her to prevent. You don’t prevent speaking. I were given chocolates from marketplace. She feeds candies to Lattu. Lattu is going to clean up. Payal feeds her MIL satisfied holi as she feeds ladoos to her. Jamuna ji lets in her to do no matter she needs to do lately. I wont prevent you. Payal smiles. It will anyhow occur with impact to the ladoo. Jamuna ji holds her head feeling dizzy. She sits quietly. Payal prays to God to lend a hand her. Save Ma ji. I wont do anything else like this ever once more. A couple of women come to play Holi with Jamuna ji. Jamuna ji sits quietly at the cot. Payal lies to them that her MIL is meditating on Mata Rani. Don’t damage her focus. Ladies really feel as though Mata has entered Jamuna ji. Payal performs a conch so as to add additional results. She additionally asks women to provide donation to Mata. She assists in keeping cash ahead of Jamuna ji. Other women practice go well with. Payal tells the ones women their needs will probably be fulfilled quickly. Tell everybody about this. Flashback ends. Payal stocks that she fed Bhang ke Ladoo to her MIL the previous day. This is the impact of Ladoo best. Don’t inform your SIL. Take your folks and move. There are such a lot of women right here already. Payal’s mom concurs to lend a hand her. She takes the women together with her. We got here at the fallacious day. Today is a Holiday. We will come another day.

Jamuna ji holds her head. I’ve one of these dangerous headache. Did any person come? Payal denies. Come and lie down. I will be able to deliver tea for you. Jamuna ji is going together with her. I think in reality dizzy!

Kareena cuts one of the crucial legs of the dressing desk. She used to be lecturing me such a lot. Now I will be able to inform her what’s just right and what’s dangerous. She cleans where smartly so there is not any hint left at the back of and places the damaged piece again in position briefly.

Malti ji involves Komal’s room. Komal wakes up startled and winces in ache. Malti ji provides her drugs. Kareena is irked to peer her Mami ji serving Komal. She acts so smartly! Komal says why did you brother. I may have come. Kareena drops the glass of water. She gives to wash however Komal assures her it’s going to be good enough in five mins. Weather has modified. Kareena gives to deliver water for her. Malti ji advises Komal to relaxation and leaves. She thinks Badho Bhabhi won’t ever be fortunate sufficient to get water from her. You should come your self!

Komal sees Kareena cleansing the ground. She tells her to not do it. I will be able to ask Bharpayi. Kareena says it’s finished. She issues out that her that the desk isn’t solid. Komal leans nearer. Kareena very well makes it fall on her. Komal shouts in ache. Malti ji comes there and sees her thus. Kareena pretends prior to her. They put it again in position. Malti ji asks Komal the place she were given harm now. Did you get harm on the similar position once more? Komal nods. They lend a hand her stand. Malti ji asks her if it’s the impact of Saturn. Can you now not keep in unmarried piece? Why did you return right here? Komal is set to mention I wished water to take drugs however Kareena does now not let her whole her sentence. You shouldn’t be right here. Malti ji sends her to her room. I will be able to deliver water. Kareena thinks even future helps Komal however until when.

Komal takes drugs. I want Lucky ji used to be right here. I do know you might have checked out me in anger however my ache would have lowered a bit of together with your presence.

Precap: Komal shouts in ache. Lucky is helping her. Malti ji complains to Kareena that she by no means wanted that Komal marries her son. Do one thing if you’ll be able to however don’t let somebody in finding out anything else. Kareena assures her she is going to do the whole thing. The paintings can be executed with out bringing someone’s realize to it!

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