Badho Bahu 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Badho Bahu 15th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Ahlawat Family returns house. Ahlawat jis is excited to peer them. Home used to be empty with out you all. Kamla ji jokes that it will have to be as a result of her. Ahlawat ji notices Komal taking a look uncomfortable. Are you good enough? Kamla ji stocks that she performed Holi with an excessive amount of pleasure. She danced or even fell at the dance flooring. Ahlawat ji gives to name physician however she assures him she is ok. Malti ji is concerned that Raghubir ji would possibly scold her if he sees Komal thus. She all the time traps me! Kareena whispers in her ears towards Komal. She is appearing like some deficient woman. Ahlawat ji asks concerning the boys. Kareena stocks that they’re at her house. They can be again in an afternoon or two. Malti ji asks about Raghubir ji. She is relieved to understand he’s going to take time. I will be able to make Komal glance higher until then. Bharpayi provides them water. Kamla

ji asks her if she had a good time on Holi. Bharpayi does now not answer. Komal takes water upon Malti ji’s askance. Kareena once more fills Malti ji’s ears. She acts to be so deficient and fragile. Malti ji nods. I’ve to undergo all this so she will get positive quickly.

Driver brings presents. Ahlawat ji issues out that new garments will best be allowed inside of as soon as previous garments are donated. This is what Raghu follows. He advises everybody to take the previous garments out. Pinki says why practice it when babu ji isn’t right here. Ahlawat ji says rule wont trade if he isn’t right here. Do as informed. She nods. He is going out for some paintings. Malti ji tells Komal to visit her room and relaxation. Komal is in ache as she strikes. They inform her to relaxation right here best. Kareena tells Mami ji to not be so cushy on her. Who will prepare dinner then? Malti ji tells her to let Komal relaxation for now. She has to get well sooner than Raghubir ji comes or there will probably be an issue. Kareena smiles considering it’s going to occur provided that she needs!

Teji vomits. He collides with Pragya. Kamla ji asks them the place they have been. Teji covers his face whilst speaking to Kamla ji. She notices the colors on their faces. How did you play that the color continues to be there? Flashback presentations them recalling the time once they had Bhang. Teji tells about Holi in Mumbai. I used to place women in Tank stuffed with water. Shall I put Bharpayi? Bharpayi concurs while Pragya does now not purchase it. Vardaan could also be right here. Pragya issues at a woman status in entrance of them. She tells Teji to place colors on her. Teji accepts the problem. Bharpayi tells him to watch out. This isn’t Mumbai however Sirsa. Things can move out of hand. Vardaan additionally tries to prevent him however Pragya holds his hand. Let Teji move. Vardaan is going speechless. Teji finishes the glass of Bhang whilst Pragya provides him colors. He applies color on that woman’s face and laughs. All males get up. Vardaan alerts Teji to seem again. Teji turns and unearths two giant males (brothers of that woman) status there. You are too willing to revel in. Teji explains that Pragya challenged him. Vardaan apologizes on Teji’s behalf. He is new right here. The guys acknowledge Vardaan. Why don’t you inform him our traditions? All this wont paintings right here. Vardaan has the same opinion to take action. The guys nonetheless don’t let Teji move. They get Gobar and Grease. We will play another way now. They follow the mix on Pragya and Teji. Flashback ends. Kamla ji shakes them out in their reverie. Pragya lies that village other folks put an excessive amount of color. Kamla ji covers her nostril. You odor in point of fact dangerous. Teji lies that turns out like some mouse has died. Pragya seconds him. Kamla ji buys it. She is going. Teji blames Pragya for difficult him and she or he does the similar. They whinge to one another concerning the color now not coming off even if they have got bathed too again and again already!

Komal is snoozing at the settee itself. Kareena smiles seeing her thus. She wakes her up and asks for tea. I informed Bharpayi however don’t know the place she is. Can you are making tea for me? Komal asks her who makes tea in her house. Kareena causes she doesn’t know the place elements are stored. Komal is going to make tea. Kareena eats bananas as she is hungry. She throws them underneath the settee seeing Malti ji coming there. Malti ji asks about Komal. I advised her to relaxation. She by no means listens to me! Kareena says she sought after to have tea so she went to make it. She by no means listens to you. Malti ji nods. She all the time does what she needs. You are new. You will in finding out the entirety quickly. A man (Gopal ji) brings two other dressing tables. It is a present for Lucky on his birthday. Malti ji tells him he isn’t house. Gopal ji asks her to invite Komal. It isn’t a lot of a distinction as they’re husband and spouse most effective. Komal comes with tea. Malti ji begins scolding her with out letting her communicate. Gopal ji asks Komal to make a choice one of the most dressing tables. You would know his selection.

Kareena says nobody is aware of Lucky Bhai’s style higher than me. Gopal ji asks her to inform him then. Kareena unearths one in every of them stunning. Komal chooses the opposite one. Kareena calls it too easy. This one is so stylish and lovely. It will spotlight the wonderful thing about the room. It fits Bhai’s character. Komal chooses the opposite one. She causes that simplicity lasts. It is robust like Lucky ji. Outer good looks will wither in a yr or two. What is right and inside of stays similar during. Kareena issues out that the very first thing we realize is outer good looks best. If its now not stunning from out of doors then how does it topic what’s at the inside of? We will take this one. Malti ji smiles listening to Kareena’s good judgment. Kareena asks Gopal ji to go away the desk. Lucky Bhai will like this one most effective. Komal concurs. Kareena smiles. She used to be about to inform me about Bhai’s selection. Kareena used to be about to slide at the banana peel however Komal pushes her away at the proper time. Kareena will get harm from the similar desk.

Precap: Kareena cuts some of the legs of the dressing desk. She calls Komal there and tells her the desk isn’t solid. Komal seems to be intently. Kareena very well makes it fall on her. Komal shouts in ache. Malti ji comes there and sees her thus.

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