Badho Bahu 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update

And TV Badho Bahu 14th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Komal and all women shower the subconscious woman with milk. The woman opens her eyes. Everyone is relieved to peer her positive. Dhairya asks her if she superb. the woman nods. Amba assures him at the similar. Dhairya thank you everybody. He thank you the woman for coming at the proper time and giving proper recommendation. Amba sends the woman inside of together with her members of the family. She tells Dhairya to not fear concerning the woman. She is at our house. They resume Holi.

Amba tells Manpreet she controlled to give her prior to the arena as her son however she is a daughter in any case. I couldn’t trade some issues even after making an attempt my highest. I used to be and I’m nonetheless scared to lose you as a daughter’s future is made in a different way. Manpreet tries to hug her however Amba stops her. Sons seldom hug their moms. She pats at Manpreet’s shoulder and

leaves. Manpreet wipes a tear out of the nook of her eyes. Her sister reminds Manpreet of her promise. I don’t need to marry that man and do something positive about Rajvir too. Manpreet tells her (s)he’s going to deal with it however (s)he has one thing extra necessary to do first.

Happu Singh enters simply when Pawania’s come. He talks about looking out everybody to ensure there isn’t any weapon however then finally ends up celebrating Holi with everybody.

Komal seems on excitedly as everybody dances on Rang Barse. Pinki and Rana play Holi. Ladies dance on Holi Ke Din. Amba feels Bajwa’s wont come right here with none explanation why.

Manpreet’s sister beverages Bhang. Manpreet comes there and forestalls her. She forcibly takes Gunjan together with her. Gunjan vows to kill Aman. Manpreet brings her to her room. Gunjan repeats she wont marry Aman and passes out. Manpreet wonders what to do. Mummy will kill me if she sees us like this. I will not even take Didi on this situation. It might be an insult to our circle of relatives. She notices a couple of fits stored there and adjustments into one. She covers her head smartly to ensure nobody unearths out. Manpreet tells Gunjan to name her when she feels smartly.

Manpreet covers her face as she is going for the rite. Amba asks about Manu. She leaves together with her sister-in-law to test on Manu. Manu calls Gunjan however will get no reaction. Someone calls out to her. She turns and her veil comes off. He recollects somebody telling him about assembly any person particular these days. Manu tries to head when he asks her her identify. A man asks him the place to stay the bins of candies. Manu makes a decision to switch the garments or he would acknowledge her. She takes the garments introduced via Pahuja’s and is going to switch. The man begins in search of her.

Komal is coming against Lucky to pray him Holi however he is going away at the pretext of speaking to somebody else. Komal makes a tragic face. Kareena says you wont have the ability to play Holi with Bhai this manner. How is your purpose? Komal says it’s just right. Kareena advises her to throw a balloon at Lucky from the level. additionally announce that you’re Lucky Bhai’s spouse. Kareena tells her of a unique Sherbet which can give her the braveness to take action. Komal is hesitant however insists as she needs to play Holi with Lucky.

Amba broadcasts Gunjan’s marriage with Aman. Let’s get started the ritual. Pahuja suggests seeing the visitors they have got introduced with them. Everyone is going to the level. TV Celebrities dance one at a time.

New display Agniphera could also be promoted.

Amba provides coconut to Aman to offer to Gunjan. Your relation will ultimate for 7 berths as soon as this ritual is done. Manu thinks this manner she is going to get engaged to Aman. Rajvir holds it in time because it used to be about to give way. Rajvir assists in keeping it in Manu’s arms pronouncing it will have ruined the entirety. Amba scolds him for the mess. Amba calls Manu. He did it deliberately as he dint need the wedding to occur. Amba’s sister-in-law gives Thandai to Rajvir who with courtesy declines. Kareena has combined Bhang within the glasses upon Mohini’s directions. Mohini smiles considering it might be a laugh to peer drunken Pavania’s now!

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