Armed rallies by Hindu extremists in Jammu worry minorities

ISLAMABAD: Jammu Muslim Front in occupied Kashmir has condemned the puppet management for permitting Hindu extremist organizations to take out armed rallies in Jammu at the pretext of start anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh.

According to Kashmir Media carrier, as according to a remark, JMF Chairman,Shuja Zaffar and President Imran Qazi stated that many participants of minority communities met them and expressed their fear over rising sense of lack of confidence some of the minorities.

They prompt the puppet regime to research as to why those armed rallies have been allowed.

“We have no idea whether or not the management would have allowed identical armed rallies if someone else had attempted to take action.

Members of extremist Hindu organizations wearing swords and weapons too kout motor automotive rallies in Jammu.

The JMF leaders stated that the armed rallies had put a query mark at the credibility of the so-called management and police.

“Many have noticed those armed rallies as risk to minorities and nobody is able to query them.

The management as an alternative of enforcing regulation and order facilitated the rally.

Such rallies have turn into a logo of risk to different communities.

In democratic device, the management will have to be run beneath the regulation now not with the swords or weapons,” they stated whilst expressing their robust resentment.

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