Ali Musa Gillani alleges he was attacked by PTI supporters

LAHORE: Ali Musa Gillani, the son of former top minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, on Sunday claimed to were attacked by a gaggle of PTI supporters when his automobile was allegedly hit by a jeep of Imran Khan’s motorcade close to Lahore.

During a press convention, he alleged that a white Jeep, belonged to PTI leader ‘s motorcade, banged into his automotive, including that  a gaggle of  folks was the phase PTI Chief  Imran Khan’s put across attacked him, while police took him to Lahore.

The son of former top minister Yousaf Raza Gillani claimed that, upon inquiry,  police knowledgeable him that the automobile which had hit his automotive was the a part of the motorcade of PTI leader Imran Khan, coming from Okara.

Gillani  stated that  he would release the primary investigation document (FIR) towards Imran Khan for harassing him.

However, PTI categorically denied the allegations and stated that Gillani’s guards opened fireplace on a automobile which was a part of the convoy. 

The birthday celebration issued a remark pronouncing “Gillani, thru his armed guards, orchestrated an assault at the convoy of Imran Khan.” including that every one people remained unhurt within the assault because the automobile was bulletproof.

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