Agnifera 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

OZEE TV Agnifera 27th March 2017 Written Update Episode.

Ragini tries to put on sari unsuccessfully. Her mom enters and is helping her. Mother says she is taking a look very stunning. Ragini says she needs so far herself and laughs. She will get Narad’s name that he discovered some defaulter and leaves house. Narad and different puppets see her and says she is taking a look very stunning. They all get into jeep and apply defaulter. Jeep will get punctured and defaulter escapes. She slaps motive force and scolds him.

At Anurag’s space, circle of relatives will get in a position for Anurag and Shristi’s engagement. Daadi prays in temple. Vishu joins her. He prays god and will get temped seeing ladoo. He selections it and lamp falls down and curtain catches fireplace. He shouts in worry. His rushes to him and calls entire circle of relatives. Family takes him to his room and will get nervous. Daadi says Vishu is ok now and

they will have to head for engagement. Vidhvan calls Purshotam and says they can not come lately as his son Vishu isn’t feeling smartly. Purshotam sasy he made preparations, what came about there. Vidhvan says temple curtain stuck fireplace and Vishu were given afraid, he’s afraid of fireside. Revati takes telephone and says they’re coming.

Ragini returns house and sees PWD engineer discussing about delicate with Vikral. He will get tensed seeing Ragini and says he introduced all mushy information in order that she will record lowest bid. Parag says why will have to they record lowest bid. Ragini explains explanation why and Vikral scolds Parag to not use his small mind. Ragini asks engineer to go away all of the information and pick out time day after today. He says he can not do this. She scolds and sends him.

Vikranth asks Revati why did she agree for engagement nowadays. She says if she had postponed it later, this drawback would have endured creeping, sos he considered completing it without delay together with her intelligence. Narad reaches there with present for Anurag. Vikranth and Revati get tensed and ask what’s it. Narad says Ragini’s portray for Anurag and Ragini ordered to mend it in Anurag’s room. They each take it and say they are going to and ship Narad again. Vikrant carries portray hurriedly to cover it and get tensed seeing Vidhvan coming. Vidhvan takes an flip and does now not realize him. He relaxes. They all depart for engagement subsequent.

Ragini meets Narad once more and ask if he meet Anurag and gave panting. Narad says he may just now not meet Anurag as he used to be now not at house. She asks how used to be the home, and so on., says seems like she is going to meet Aurag quickly. Anurg passes by way of on his motorcycle. She thinks she is seeing him in all places.

Vidhvan with circle of relatives reaches Purshotam’s space for engagement. Shristi comes with tea and snacks. Anurag will get mesmerized seeing her good looks. Purshotam says let Anurag and Shristi talk to one another. Revati says they will have to carry out engagement first. Shristi sits for engagement. Revati name callings Shristi’s mom that she will have to have dorn sari to Shristi no less than on engagement. Shristi’s mom fires again that sari comes from boy’s aspect and she or he will have to have introduced it as an alternative. Revati fumes in anger.

Precap: Anurag asks Shristi what he needs to do after regulation. Shristi says she is going to follow regulation in her the city as first feminine attorney. Revati name callings lady will have to deal with house and now not dream about running out of doors. Anurag says he did MBA from London. Shristi’s mom feedback MBA schools are in each and every side road now.

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